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Hi , I have seen reports that early menopausal women can be at higher risk? Does anyone have experience of symptoms becoming worse when hormone levels high? Or any other comment linked to monthly cycle or pre/post menopause?

I don’t know but I stopped having my periods 6 mnths now I’m 56 didn’t know anything about eaglesyndrome! Orthodontist did 3d xrays told me He thought I had it! Had surgery on left and right through the neck! Still have great pain in my jaws!

And ear on right side, surgery was at the end of January!

Hmmm. Well I’ve been post menopausal for a couple years now at age 56. I guess I could say mine became bothersome after menopause. However; I do believe any disorder is made worse by spiking hormones.

I started with ES symptoms last year at age 49, and yes, I definitely did notice a huge difference around my menstrual cycle. The symptoms worsened quite drastically, and I got alot more neck/shoulder pain and migraines. All I could do was take lots of ibuprofen to help get through the day. But yes, I do believe hormones play a part in worsening of symptoms.

Renee said:
And ear on right side, surgery was at the end of January!
P Where and who did your surgery?

Mine got worse with each pregnancy! My ent" noticed on 2 CT scan they got longer each time!

My ES symptoms started when I was close to a year w/o a menstrual cycle (age 57). I had my right styloid shortened last Nov. & still have residual pain around my right ear. It only hurts if I poke it though -otherwise it's fine. I'm getting my left side done in a week. Will be interesting to compare how the two sides have healed when another 6 months have passed. Be patient. It takes 6 months to a year for nerve pain to subside.

I had a hysterectomy at 37, everything went to hell in a handbasket in regards to my physical being. I was still healthy and strong and was very active out of doors, which probably saved me from a wheelchair, but my 'bony' structures just turned on themselves; everything I had problems with before became more intense (fibromyalgia, etc.). But, I didn't have the poison and pain from the tumors and horrible monthly problems. Who knows? I think the issue was present from the day my body was put together.

When I was 16 my periods stopped and I was very sick with kidney and bladder problems. The dr. even tested me for pregnancy (made my Mom mad), without asking me.

Yes my ES flares up during PMS big time.

Ahhhhh!! Me too… everything is worse a few days before and during my period!!

Yes…I see a connection. My first symptom were shortly after I had my daughter and my last big event was while I in menopause. Post menopausal for 2 years now at age 50. The other time I had an abrupt worsening of symptom was when I was under an unusual amount of stress …I think maybe the body pulls nutrients from bones (storage) during times of stress…

This is interesting…my daughter is having similar problems at age 20 and has a dx of Hashimoto’s…lots of kidney stones, which I has as well at age 20-ish.