LASKAWI, R.; ROHRBACH, S. (2005) - Impaired motor functions Surgical and conservative procedures to restore the motor functions of the facial nerve, accessory nerve, and hypoglossal nerve [translated]

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here is an interesting article about impaired nerves that could also be affected by ES (surgery) that I like to share with you:

This overview describes restorative procedures for disorders of the motor function of the facial muscles (facial nerve), the muscles innervated by the accessory nerve and the muscles innervated by the hypoglossal nerve. Paralysis can be present, but hyperkinesia can also determine the pathology. Conservative and surgical procedures are described that aim to restore normal motor function, i.e. to cause the muscles to move. Adynamic, static methods are not described. At the end, botulinum toxin therapy for swallowing disorders is discussed.

Facial nerve - accessory nerve - hypoglossal nerve - movement disorders - surgical and conservative therapy - Botox

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