Styloids and "mouth equilibrium"

I am still waiting for a precise dignosis and surgery but I would like to know what the more expert members of this site think about the opinion of a physiotherapist who told me that without styloids (I have a bilateral problem) “my mouth will lose its equilibrium.” Has this sentence some plausible scientific foundation? Thanks for any opinion on this.

The styloid processes are anchor points for ligaments & the muscles of the floor of the mouth, so maybe that was what was meant?
On the site we’ve often talked about what happens to the ligaments after they or the styloids have been removed, & most people don’t notice any difference! Occasionally members have had nerve damage post op so they’ve had tongue weakness, but that usually improves with time. I think there’ve been a couple of members who’ve had problems dwallowing after hyoid bone surgery, but not just from styloid removal.

I had bilateral ES & had both of my styloids & stylohyoid ligaments removed. I had damage to my glossopharyngeal nerve & subsequent right side tongue paralysis because the gp nerve was wrapped around my right styloid like a vine. I had swallowing issues before my ES surgery & still have those to some degree but more intermittent now. I also ended up with first bite syndrome which is still with me some days.

My Verdict re: surgery - ES surgery ROCKS!!! My tongue has recovered 95% of its function (took abt 9 mos.), my swallowing issues & FBS, though annoying, are nothing compared to the trouble ES caused me. I am 4 years out from surgery & truly have no regrets.

Many thanks to Jules and Isaiah. As I said in this site, I have some addresses of Italian surgeons but it takes time to be received and I amusing this time to collect qualified opinions, including that I mentioned. Many therapists do not know ES but sill they have their verdict: do not remove the styloids, otherwise… I believe much more in the published scientific literarture and, of course, in those who already had surgery.
Best wishes

Good for you for keeping yourself informed & getting prepared for the time you get to see one of the ES specialists. You will be more likely to have a good and productive appointment that way. I hope you’re able to see one of them soon.