Length to feel the styloid

What length does it take for the styloid to be to feel is under the jaw bone?

That’s an interesting question. Maxence asked about this- he said in one of his discussions that he’d found some research
’Something i’ve read, very interesting : In addition, according to several studies, palpation of the styloid process through the tonsillar fossa is only possible when the length of the styloid process is at least 7.5 cm, and Eagle’s syndrome is known to occur in patients with shorter styloid processes.'
But mine could be felt and the one which was removed was 4.8 cms… So it may be that this doctor has read research some where stating that? I also read in a research article yesterday re-reading it about styloid lengths, that the doctors in this research paper measured the styloid process and the calcified part of the stylo-hyoid ligament all together. Sometimes only the styloid process is measured, so that will give variations of measurements too. I think I mentioned that in one of your other posts?

You could message Maxence to see what the length of his styloid process was as he’s just had surgery, and I think Isaiah40:31 had the same sensation and has had surgery.

Hi Kandi
My styloids are in the 3.5 range and they are palpable. The left side is evident where my left tonsil used to be. The doctor was shocked as to how much tissue must have been taken out when I had a tonsillectomy. He was a bit ticked off about it. The right styloid was elongated and not as the left but much more painful. The theory is it fractured and bent in a bucking bronco auto incident where a seat belt grabbed my neck throughout the experience. That styloid can be felt under my jaw in a slight hook poking out as if it will go out the front of my neck under the jaw next to the voice box. I am of petite bone structure. I asked the expert that saw me if the styloid “bone” ( he hates the term “processes”) has different sizes according to people’s bone structures. He told me that they are all of the same size no matter the persons height. I then asked if that meant since I’m small if that meant the styloids would cause more trouble in my neck. He said that was a good point and it probably would cause more trouble with shorter people. There are a lot of good people who think “categorically” where you need to walk them through the connections of said categories. There are a lot of people who like to read something and then say to themselves “Done! I’ve nailed that”. Eagle Syndrome is extremely rare and doesn’t have enough info to make accurate global symptoms statistics. Unfortunately we are all forced to the right questions while sick. So bottom line it depends on the stature of the person and what shape the bones are as well as direction they are growing.

Found this article and pic; this persons styloids were 6cm left side, and 5.5cm on the right, which is the side this pic shows.

Sorry; this is the link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3723259/

Is that a neck? Lol …

Yes, the lump’s just below his jaw, you can see the bottom of his ear in the top left of the pic