Cant feel styloid under tonsil bed. Anyone else?

My ENT doesnt think that all my symptoms are from ES because even though an xray shows calcified stylohyoid ligaments, he cant feel a protrusion under my tonsils. Says it just feels stiff. DDUUHHH. ITS CALCIFIED!! I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this, as most everyone else on this site has enormous styloid processes and mine is really localized to ligament calcification. Thx in advance for your ideas!

Mine could be felt under the jaw, back near the angle of the mandible. My dentist was afraid to push to far upward to feel them, but Dr Samji could find them with no problem, and didn't have to push far or make it hurt to do so.

I don't think that I had any protrusion under my tonsils to be felt. I know that I pressed on the sides of them near the tonsil area, and it did feel stiff. The way mine were, though, I believe the ends were much lower than the tonsil area. Therefore, you'd only feel the sides of them (the 'stiff' feeling), and not the more pointy end like the ones that are shorter and that end at that level.

He might not be thinking that he's potentially just pushing on the sides of them and not feeling any protrusion because the end of them may be lower than the level of the tonsils.

Thx Tee. That makes so much sense

so if i can feel my styloid point poking into my throat just to the back of my tonsils, then it must be elongated right? Its a definitive hard point poking into my throat. The consultant I saw seemed bemused and disinterested... He said we all have styloids, its normal. I pointed out I had nothing on the other side, he wasn't bothered... I even pointed out I had no gag reflex on the side of my styloid yet when he checked the other side i almost threw up. Very frustrating!

Smithy-- FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR!! What u r explaining is a major point of frustration for MOST of us on this dite. I would swear that docs walk in to a room having their minds made up and its kind of like a football game–once a call is made on the field it takes a lot of proof to overturn the call. It is up to us to begin to change this process. PLEASE see some of the wonderful resources provided on this site, journal articles and such that u can send to your MD. If unable to find, just post a new discussion asking for what u r looking for. These are some of the most helpful people. Go forth and educate. WE HAVE YOUR BACK!!

I think yes they are still elongated, just not AS long as the ones I had? I think they poke because they are elongated AND they are a little bit angled inwards, so that's why certain people can feel them. I did not feel the poking in the throat feeling. I did feel sometimes like it was hard to swallow stuff like a big spoonful of mashed potatoes, or a bigger bite of something. I'd get some pain and stuff as if my throat just didn't have the room to get that stuff down.

Yes. That is my situation. We have been going round n round. Tried injections, etc. Went throught the healng from SCDS surgery on both ears, still have Eagle's symptoms. I don't like surgeries, but if that is what it takes. Perhaps more aggressive injections... Sometimes, I feel like I am just going to gag out of life someday.

Per my ENT who had injections, they don't work. Hope you find help soon, Dr. Samji in San Jose might help, still don't know of any new doctors closer.