Like many of us, I am looking for someone local!

Has anyone on this site had Dr. Krempl in OKC do their ES surgery? The day for my long awaited appointment finally arrived yesterday. It really wasn’t what I expected. I’m also curious about the 2 docs in Dallas, TX and whether anyone has used them for their ES surgery.

Somewhat recently (I think w/in the past year), a member on this forum had ES surgery done by Teresa Chan-Leveno. I recall the gal was very happy w/ the outcome. Sorry to say I don’t remember who the member is.

Here’s a link to a post made several years ago by someone who went to her for surgery:

Hadassa mentioned Dr Krempl recently; he diagnosed her but hadn’t done the surgery before, here’s a link: New ES member - *updated with CT pics*

Hey Jules…I saw Dr. Krempl on Tues of this week and I’ll take a pass! I looked up my next closest surgeon and found Dr. Chan-Leveno. She actually mentions ES on her page which was fabulous news for me. I am going to pursue that avenue and hope for the best. Currently trying to stay out of the dark and continue moving forward. I am soooo disappointed that I wasted two and a half months waiting to see Dr. Krempl. My blood pressure spikes seem to be trying to get the best of me…just started with that 6 months or so ago. Always been pretty much on the low side until then. It really is quite frustrating to finally be diagnosed after 20+ years to now be challenged to find someone to fix it without taking on financial woes. Dallas is a doable avenue for me and I will post how the appointment process goes when I know something.

kiZe6159, What happened??? I was so hopeful that you could have a good visit with Dr. Krempl. Was it him or, was it his front desk people? I was so hopeful for you. If you need to call me, call me at ■■■■. I want to know because, I am now starting to have symptoms on the left side again.

Update on the Dallas, TX avenue…I have an appointment to see Dr. Chan-Leveno on September 6th and I am over the moon! I had to ask the nice scheduler to repeat it because I couldn’t believe I was getting in so quickly. Luckily I had some free time yesterday afternoon to do a bit of sleuthing on Dr. Chan-Leveno in Dallas and I liked what I saw on her web page so I decided to call this morning and see what I could get done. Fingers crossed scheduling the surgery will be quick as well. I gotta get this thing moving before I loose my sanity. The thought of enduring it much longer is almost unbearable. And since I have bilateral issues, I know it will be quite a bit longer or in ES years, an ETERNITY! LOL Chin up and movin on!

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kiZe6159 -
That is FANTASTIC NEWS! So glad you were able to get in to see Dr. Chan-Leveno so quickly. You have a great attitude as well. You can privately email Hadassa (by clicking on her screen name in her last post. That will take you to a page where you can send a private email) to discuss what happened w/ Dr. Krempl. I give you kudos for following the site guidelines & not publicly maligning him.

Praying your surgery date will be soon, too!

Great news that you haven’t got to wait too long to see her! I hope that you get some answers, & that the time flies by for you while you wait…