Liquid/Squirting/Drainage sounds

Hi- i have AAI and just found out i have stylo-jugular compression between c1 transverse process.

Does anyone else experience liquid/squirting/drainage sensations as well?

I’m being scheduled for the removal of the styloid/c1 shave/decompression of jugular vein. Just wanting to know if anyone experienced these strange symptoms and whether it improved after the surgery?


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Where do you feel/hear the liquid/squirting/drainage sensations? Have you noted any particular head position or activity that causes them? Some of our members who have IJV (jugular) compression do haver CSF leaks so there is a possibility you have one, but there would possibly be evidence of that beyond a sensation, for example, clear fluid running out of your nose or down the back of your throat that tastes metallic.

We have had members that had sensations of fluid in their ears in the past, & I recall that it was being caused by irritated nerves not actual fluid.

Do you mind sharing who you are seeing for your surgery?

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I feel it top right base and side of skull. I notice it when in upwright sometimes, when laying on my left side.

Back in May i did suspect a leak- i had weird hearing loss, runny noise, ear felt clogged as though sound in ear was low and metal taste in mouth. My gp gave me antibiotics. I knew some thing was off. But back then my symptoms werent as bad as they are now.

Now its severe neck pain, throbbing base of skull, pressure base of skull, pinching and lots of fluid/ squirting sounds i can hear internally.

Dr Prashant Rao

That sounds horrible! Some members have felt kind of sucking sensations in their heads from intracranial hypertension, I used to get something like that, sort of like my brain was being rolled up, horrible! I didn’t hear anything though, but had pulsatile tinnitus.
It does sound like you could’ve had a CSF leak…I hope that your surgery goes well, we’ve not heard of your doctor, has he done many of these surgeries before?


Thanks Jules, he only recently started doing the decompressions. Usually its Dr Elliot/ Dr Allen for us in NSW


Let us know when you have a date so we can pray all goes well :hugs:


Yes I have that squirting sound sometimes (other sounds too, including pulsatile tinnitus) on my right side. And I have IJV stenosis, which (per CTV) is severe with neck flexion and rotation right.

I haven’t had surgery yet.


Ill let you know if any of it resolves for me posr surgery :slight_smile:


Thanks Jules 4th Dec :slight_smile: x

Thank you, not long to wait :hugs: :pray:

Hey there.

I get these fluid sounds feels and sounds like it’s at the back and top of my neck and the best way I could describe was like high pressure fluid being squeezed through a straw that is pinched. I get it in varipus neck positions. Mostly laying flat on back. It was quite unnerving. It also seemed to get worse when taking blood thinners. My suspicion was it was actually the IJVs opening enough for blood to pass through the compressed area between my styloids and C1 so actually thought of it as a positive sound!

I have bilateral iJV compression as per CTV and awaiting surgery.

Did you have your surgery yet? Did it help?

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Will you let us know when you get a surgery date please @Warrick ? :+1:

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