Looking for those with same symptoms--

Since there are so many variations of this syndrome, I’m wondering if there’s anyone else who has/had my exact symptoms who were also cured by a styloidectomy:
headache, ear ache, faint sore throat (only occasionally), radiating to neck and shoulder aches. I had a tonsillectomy 5 years ago.
Thank you-

Yes. For years I had headaches and an ear ache that could not be explained. I also had radiating pain in my shoulders. I have bilateral Eagles Syndrome and underwent surgery last April. My ear pain has completely gone and not returned. I had relief of the shoulder pain but I am now having problems on the right side so will probably have to undergo surgery. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The surgeon told me that surgery only works in 1/2 the cases. My pain was so great I was willing to get any relief. I recovered very quickly and can only hope the future surgery will go as well.

Thanks for the information Dona. I will do research into the ALLCAT Blood Test. I am trying to control the inflammation problems I am having some of which I am sure related to the splurge of allergy symptoms I am having now. I had a right styloidectomy July 25, 2013 and am still dealing with symptoms. Anything I can do to lower the inflammation causes would be a help. Good luck to you too!

dona said:

I had a styloidectomy in July of 2012 and some symptoms were helped but not all. I invested in a special blood test called the Allcat Blood test about $700. This helps you see what foods on a cellular level causes inflammation. Not to be confused with an allergy or allergic reaction to foods. WOW if you stick to the foods you can eat and religiously stay away from the ones you should you will start feeling much better. Everyone should have this test done it is almost never covered by insurance, but boy is it eye opening and all symptoms gone! Just google ALLCAT Blood Test.

Good Luck Everyone


I had a styloidectomy done in 2011. I experienced some swelling immediately after surgery but It was nothing close to what I lived with before. I can't even see the scar on my neck anymore. The Styloid ligament run between your inner and outer Carotid Arteries, its painful, There's swelling and inflammation which puts pressure on facial nerves. It can affect hear, Eyesight, Headaches. It's best seen with a 3D Cat Scan. I was unilateral. Only One side was calcified and was pulling my voice box to one side. After my recovery, I was 100%. I was lucky because it really depends on the competence of the surgeon. My Surgeon was in Columbus, Ohio at the James Center. He was a vocal cord specialist. Occasionally, I'll get a cold that causes swollen lymph nodes and I feel tightness in my throat. I'm 100% better.

Mscynthia, do you mind giving us his name so we can post it on our spreadsheet?