Lost and confused

Hey guys. I’m new to this so please bare either me. Lol I was diagnosed with ES awhile ago and had no symptoms and here I am years later with crazy ones. Well I had a CT done recently that finally confirmed everything but I’m still confused. The radiologist report said that I have bilaterally elongated process that are less than 1 cm from the lesser cornu of the hyoid. Not sure what that means or when they said Mass effect on carotid artery. Can someone please help me. I’ll so tired of not being believed and I have started having issues with feeling like my body isn’t doing what I want it to or just other things that scare me. Thank you in advance and it’s nice to not be alone.

If the styloid processes are only 1cm from the lesser cornu of hyoid, then that means that either they are very elongated, or more likely that the stylo-hyoid ligament (which connects the styloid process to the hyoid bone) is calcified. When radiologists read the CT scans, they either measure the styloid process’ length & comment on the ligament if it’s calcified, or otherwise measure the styloid & calcified ligament in together.
The ‘mass effect’ mentioned on the carotid artery seems to indicate that the calcification is compressing the carotid artery, which would mean that you have vascular ES & would explain why you’re having scary symptoms. Obviously we’re not doctors, so you would need to discuss this with your doctor to get the full picture.
I don’t understand why you feel that you’re not being believed with this diagnosis & CT result…
So I would suggest that you perhaps have a look at the latest doctors list (2017 one) in the Doctors Info section, & if you don’t get anywhere with your own doctor, you see if you could see one more familiar with ES.
I would also suggest that you read up as much as you can about ES, look at symptoms & compare them to yours, just get informed so that you can go to see your doctor with confidence to be able to stand up for yourself & argues your case if you need to.
Hope this helps, & let us know how you get on.

Well I’ve been to doctors galore today who all today me nothing so I went ahead and looked on the Dr list and called Dr. Williams. I have an appointment with him at the end of the month. Hopefully we can start getting things taken care of. Thank you Ms. Jules for just listening and being there for me.

I hope that you get on better with Dr Williams…

Wat are the syaptoms you have right now?

Sorry for my spelling mistake there…I meant “symptoms”.

I have severe pain in my throat, ear, face all on left side headaches left side only and I have vertigo, sometimes I have to forece myself to breathe my left arm will go numb and left eye gets a little droopy etc. I got the results of my CT scan and I have bilaterally elongated styloids that extend to less than 1 cm from my hyoid. It’s putting pressure on my carotid artery. I see a surgeon on may 30. Every day I wake up in worse pain than before. My facial muscles twitch as well as my neck. I’m just so over it all lol. Drs here don’t believe ES is real let alone what it is.

That must be scary, I hope that your apt goes well on the 30th, & that you’re listened to.