Made it to Denver again - Surgery done

Hi friends,

We arrived in Denver safety but it was a super exhausting trip this time due to hot weather and aggravated symptoms. Next weeks I’ll undergo a cerebral angiography and intracranial venogram followed by a Styloidectomy with Dr. Hepworth and vascular surgeons few days later. I’m a bit excited and nervous about the surgeries. The luck has been challenged so many times already with recent surgeries. Hopefully everything runs smoothly again and the procedures will resolve my symptoms finally. I’ll keep you updated…

If you like you are welcome to send positive thoughts and prayers across. That was already such a nice support for my last surgery in CA and worked pretty good.

Best regards from sunny Colorado


Prayers. Good luck. Keep us updated.Im awaiting surgery myself .


I’m sending all my positive thoughts and prayers your way! I’m looking forward to hearing about a great outcome for you!:blush:


So glad you’re safely in Denver. You have a BIG couple of weeks ahead of you @TheDude! I’m praying for you & hoping for your symptoms to go completely away as you heal. :hugs::gift_heart:


Sending all good thoughts and positive vibes your way!


Pleased that you’ve arrived safely, I hope that all goes well for you in Colorado, will be praying for you :pray:


Borrowing from stars wars. May the force be with you. Wishing you all the best.


Sending prayers you way!


Thank you all very much for your support. I’m sure that helps or had helped.
First surgery (cerebral angiography and cranial venogram) is over know. Everything went well. They confirmed already 3 narrowings that where suspended before - one in each internal jugular and an additional one in the transvers sinus.
(Seeing Dr. Yakes post surgery he only confirmed the 2 extracranial narrowings in the Jugulars where the PS were or is. Thats better then thought… See below.)

With those measurements I can go to Dr. Hepworth again now. I’m very excited what he is telling me then. We will see very soon…

Now I’ve to rest here the last hour of four, have breakfast and go to restroom before I’m getting discharged again.
Almost done and ready to have my first In-N-Out reward… :smiling_face:


@TheDude glad to hear that Cerebral Angiogram/venogram is done. I am assuming this is the invasive one so I would say rest, rest…at least that is what I did the first 7 days when I had it. Also glad that your suspicions have been confirmed. The question is what will the intervention be for internal jugular vein narrowing. I know you already had one styloidectomy to decompress one side. I think the transverse sinus narrowing is usually stented with no issues most of the time since there are no bony structures messing with the stent but the IJVs can be bit tricky. I know you are in good hands, hopefully the solution is well-thought-out-for. Wishing all the best.


Prayers and healing energy your way!!!


Just talked to Dr. Yakes after the procedure. There are only two narrowings in the jugular that are causing problems. The suspected narrowing in the transverse sinus wasn’t confirmed. Like that result much better.


Take care of yourself, glad that testing’s out of the way; onward & upwards! :pray:


Thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes. I really appreciate your sympathy.

Tomorrow is the big day. All set for my sixth(!) and hopefully last styloidectomy, now with restoration of the internal jugular veins by balloon angioplasty.
Dr Hepworth and his team are very trustworthy and give me confidence that they are really skilled and knowledgeable about this condition.
The previous angiography and venogram didn’t confirm the concerns about intra-cranial narrowing, but in the jugular veins. So hopefully I can report to you soon that tomorrows surgery improved a lot of my symptoms.

Fingers crossed!


Thinking of you, I really hope that it sorts things for good this time. Best wishes & God bless :pray:

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Thinking of you and praying for a smooth everything!! :relaxed:



I wish you the very best today in your surgery. Hopefully you can get this resolved and move forward from here. :hugs: :hugs:



Hi friends,

I just wanna let you know that I’m on the other side. Doing quite ok. The pain is still bearable. We will see how it will be the during the next days.
Good experience so far. They are working very professional here. I’ll keep you update.


Glad to hear that you made it to the other side safely. Since you went through multiple similar surgeries, the recovery phase should be very familiar. Wishing you quick recovery and meaningful symptom reduction.


:pray:for swift healing for you!