Major Cervical Vessels Opacified



Anybody who can explain this please : “Major cervical vessels opacified”…still trying to find something on line. It’s in the report of my CT scan. Thanks in advance.


From what I’ve found, opacified vessels are a good thing. When they lack opacity, that can be a sign of a blockage. It would be worthwhile talking to your doctor about the significance of that note, but I suspect if something was seriously wrong, you would have been informed. That said, sometimes things get overlooked so this is a situation where self-advocacy is important.

Thank you. Yes, I have a bunch of questions and hoping to get some answers from Dr. Hepworths’ NP when I meet her next week, first time with a NP and no idea how she might be able to help though !. Then the Kaiser ENT the week after and Dr. Hepworth mid-October! Praying that they are not rushy-rushy like the doctor who suspected, ordered the 3D/CT, diagnosed me and referred me to Neurology. Meantime, will be praying that my symptoms don’t get worse… more googling and reading some more posts on here… thanks again. :pray:


I was given a brief “lecture” by my daughter recently, who’s an RN. She recently took her daughter in to their pediatrics ofc & while there, my granddaughter was seen by the NP instead of the doctor. My daughter commented that she REALLY likes the NP better than the doctor because the NP takes more time & answers her questions better. She also said NPs are essentially doctors. They have a PhD in nursing & have nearly as much medical knowledge (maybe sometimes more) as a doctor. They just haven’t officially gone to medical school. Dr. Hep’s NP should be really helpful for you.

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Good to know… thanks.

Yes, I think I prefer to see an NP here in the UK too, they often have more time! :smiley:

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And are often better listeners too! :grin:

Ok… great and thanks.

Thank you so much. This helps. I’m actually preparing my notes, list of questions and all the tests I’ve had before and after my diagnosis. It would be nice to be seen by doctors who know what they’re doing or even know what they are supposed to know and help with…! I almost gave up on doctors in the US and was thinking of seeking treatment somewhere else! but that was before I found this support group and with it some hope! It’s been very frustrating, especially when they don’t believe you, misdiagnose (when they don’t know the cause they say it’s “silent” this or “silent” that !) and prescribe all kinds of medications! No need to recount my experiences with all those so called doctors, to prove how incompetent they are ! But now, thinking positive and praying for myself and all ES patients. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m so glad you’ve found help, encouragement & strength to keep moving forward from our forum, @Aboulog1. We’ve all had the same experience & that’s why some of us have committed to helping on this forum for the long-term. :heart:

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