Making the decision of where to go for final diagnosis

Hello friends.
From the point of view of those who have been on this path for some time and seeing that Dr. Hepworth doesn’t have a place in his agenda which doctor would you go to make the final diagnosis and have a surgery date. It must be taken into account that there is probably vascular and vagus nerve compression. Thanks.

Lots of members have had good results with Dr Hackman, although he can’t re-open veins if they’re compressed, same with Dr Cognetti and Dr Samji and I believe Dr Milligan; they’re all very well respected surgeons.
Dr Constantino does work in conjunction with other surgeons and does free up the blood vessels from other structures.
Hopefully others will chip in with their experiences, and you can search the discussions for any discussions about these doctors.

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Thanks Jules. I think I need a vascular ES. Maybe Costantino is a good dr. for me.


I am having surgery with Hepworth and saw Costantino. Costantino would be by backup!