Migraine-Like Headaches

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here. My name is Casey and this is my first post. I was diagnosed with Eagles last month and I've been on a roller coaster ride ever since. My dentist found it! My primary care doc sent me to an ENT who had seen it a few times but got concerned after the CT scan showed the left side was "close" to the carotid artery. Went to see a vascular specialist in Miami yesterday who told me that he would have the surgery if he were me, but it was optional. Sheesh. I have an appointment with a doc at the Cleveland Clinic here in Florida-I got his name from the fabulous list here at the site.

Anyway I am wondering if anyone else experiences headaches with Eagles. I've been treated with zero success for migraines by a neurologist. We even tried botox but it was useless. The headaches are always the same-right side numbness and cold feeling. Cold feeling across the top of my head.

No one has any ideas-I've been told stress (could be possible) and a whole lot of other things could be the culprit.

Thanks for your time!


Yes I have those headaches all the time it horribul. I use ice bag bendrell and Motrin 800 is what Dr gave me. At times that doesn't not help it days hours you name it. I also have ES. Yes it could be the cause of many of things.

I get the headaches in the back of my head and use ice, ibuprofen 600 mg, Tylenol and imitrex…also throw caffeine in if it is during the day. Good luck to you, and welcome to the site!

So sorry, I had migraines a long time ago. I did not have them with the Eagles as far as I know. Nothing helped me except IV's in the hospital, I was told it was demerol but that was years ago. Casey, if you are going to the Florida Cleveland Clinic doctor on the list, I went to him. If it is Dr, Alemar, I only had a consult with him after I had intraoral surgery in Cape Coral. I liked his bedside manner and thoroughness of his examination and his advice. I cannot say anything about his surgical expertise, but if you can find Badeagle, he had a second surgery from him. He redid a surgery done prior in Miami that left a jagged end of the styloid. I don't know how Badeagle is doing now, he had been injured prior and still had one bad symptom left that he thought might have been a damaged nerve, but he was much better than previous. Badeagle had noted that Dr Alemar had done several Eagles surgeries and that he did not have any way to verify his expertise. I would probably use him if I needed a redo but he was right when he told me to wait 6-9 months and he did clarify that my surgery had been done well. Hope this helps.

Best wishes and whatever you do, please keep us informed of your progress.