Motion Sickness

Just a quickie, I was wondering if anyone has noticed they are more prone to getting motion sickness with Eagles? I had my CT with contrast this week and return for results in a few weeks... I just used to be able to read in car/on train but now I seem to get terrible motion sickness as a result!

i did and look at other post like getting off an elevator..weird stuff hard to explain

Yes! Just posted on the elevator thread.

Still going through it.

Sorry you are dealing with this too!! :(

I find that car or train journeys can do it for me, especially if my pain is worse in the ear. Do you guys also get really tight feeling muscles in your neck, the stylonucleomastoid and the back of the skull? Man it really messes me up!! Why would this be happening?


I had many bouts of dizziness and vertigo before having my right styloid out. I have always had motion sickness. They really don’t know why but suggestions have been made that it is due to irritation of the Tympanic nerve or inflammation in the general area around the inner ear. I also have a great amount of increased tone in my neck muscles. My massage therapist just shakes his head. This is on my left side where I am getting more symptoms. My surgeon, Dr Samji, said there is usually pressure on the digastric muscle but my scalene muscles are on screech. They also can put stress on the 1st rib causing pain around the shoulder blade and symptoms of thoracic outlet symptom. I don’t think they really know why and how this happens. Other people on this site have also complained of these symptoms.


These symptoms of scalene and increased muscle tone are all too familiar. I have gotten instantly "more" dizzy, when my PT tried to release those muscles. We don't do that anymore! ;)