MRI Results

My MRI results showed no masses, inflammatory processes or legions, which is great news, of course! The results did state that "small disc protrusions on c4c5 and c5c6 were noted". Does this have anything at all to do with Eagles syndrome or is this a new issue?

I still would like my head/neck specialist to order a 3D CT of either my previous CT scans from April or perhaps a new CT altogether since I feel my symptoms have worsened and I am wondering if the calcifications/lengths have changed.

I hoping the small disc protrusions are not of much consequence, but I did not know if they possibly related to eagle syndrome at all.

Thank you in advance for any information!

They're not related to ES as such, but can give more neck pain, plus also could press on nerves which would give you aching/ sciatica like pain in your arms, or numbness. (An MRI should show if there is any pressure on the nerves from this, and the report would probably state that). But research I've found (by Steinman who believed that ageing could be a cause; ageing decreases elasticity of soft tissues, which could result in tendinosis between the stylohyoid ligament and the Lesser Cornu of Hyoid, and also Ceylan et all (2008) who thought that ES could be age-related; that degenerative cervical discopathy may shorten the cervical spine and alter the direction of the styloid process.) suggests that maybe if your neck has shifted slightly because discs have bulged, this could alter the angle of the SP's and calcified ligaments so that they press more on nerves etc. This might be why you feel your symptoms are worsening. I have a C5-C6 disc problem too- physio really helped with that, and making sure I had better posture (and not sitting hunched over a computer too long...!) Hope that you can get some answers and help soon...

Jules: Thank you so much for your answer on this. Your answers are always so well thought out and detailed!

Ooops- I meant to mention that I didn't mean that you're getting old- just the research about the discs is interesting! Perhaps when you see your PCP you could mention the disc problem too, and see about getting some physio for that? The more pain you're in, the tenser or more hunched you're likely to get and so it could make the impact of elongated styloids worse...