Muscle removal

My doctor told me he’s removing the styloid and the digastric muscle at least that’s what it looks like on the diagram he gave me, definitely removing a muscle, does everyone get that muscle removed ???

It’s not common to remove it, no. It’s sometimes cut to access the styloid, & I did a quick search of the discussions & there are quite a few mentions of it, there was one mentioning it being calcified & to be removed. You can use the search function to have a look. I would query that with your doctor- maybe he means he’s going to cut through it?

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He definitely said he was removing it I looked back on the notes, it’s pushing on my jugular vein

Allow me to clarify this: “dissection and removal of the posterior belly of the Digastric muscle is to allow safe visualization to complete the procedure.”
***this phrase taken directly from my surgical notes.

So the entire muscle is not removed, rather a portion. I hope this helps some!


Yes Thankyou