Update on My Jugular Eagles

Hi All-

Been a while since I posted. Wanted to give an update. I have surgery scheduled for the removal of my left styloid here in St Louis at Washington University on 3/18. They will remove the styloid to the skull base, remove the ligaments, and they also intend to resect some muscle. They are concerned the jugular vein will not open without this step, and they do not want to have to go back in. Any tips for surgery? Advice?

It’s a difficult one- mine re-opened fine after surgery, & others have had successful surgeries too, but we have had a couple of members recently who’s surgeries haven’t given them the results they’d hoped for. It can be down to the veins having been really compressed, or that stenting is needed, occasionally because one of the cervical spine processes is compressing it as well, & I have seen several older discussions on here mentioning that the jugular veins can be compressed by the digastric muscle- is that the one they’re thinking of resecting? Certainly removing the styloid to skull base is a good idea, & any calcified portions of ligaments; do they have suspicions that the muscle is causing compression too?

Yes because my veins appear to be 75% stenosed in neutral, they believe the digastric may be a problem as well. I think they are willing to stent if this does not do the trick, but I was hoping to avoid that. But at this point, I just want to feel better.

Here’s a link to a research article VDM posted:
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Some members have had balloon venoplasty; I don’t know whether that might be an option rather than stenting:
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Ultimately, if you have confidence in them & obvs you want as good a result as possible, you could leave it to them, I don’t know how much they’ll be able to wait & see when they get in?

Hi Colie3387,

I’m glad you have surgery coming up soon. Who is doing your surgery? We need some more doctors for the St. Louis area who are familiar w/ ES & willing to remove the styloids to the skull base.

Jules gave you good information about possible outcomes w/ vascular ES. There are lots of discussions on the forum about what to expect after surgery & how to help care for yourself post op. If you can’t find them, please let us know & we’ll help you further.

Here’s a really thorough post that Jules wrote awhile ago that has helpful information in it: