My Eagles Syndrome Surgery in Billings!

So, today is day 2 recovery. I had my surgery yesterday in Billings MT by doctor Byorth. I am already home so thats a good sign. So far so good.

Hello all, so you may not know this but tomorrow I have surgery for Eagle’s Syndrome. I have been suffering from chronic sore throats, throat pain and reoccurring infections for the past 9 years. After going to specialists for years and having 6 surgeries in the past 9 years we discovered that I have Eagle’s Syndrome so tomorrow 1/20/21 I have surgery to remove my Styloid process and styloid ligament. I am hoping to get off medication I have been on for years and get my health back. These years have been very hard on myself and my family.

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So pleased that you’ve had surgery; hope it’s gone well & that you soon notice improvements in your ES symptoms! There’s lots of info you can search for on here about what to expect in the next few days if you’ve not read any yet. Take care of yourself & God Bless!


HOORAY!! So glad you were able to get surgery fairly close to home! When you feel up to it, would you please let us know whether you had intraoral or external surgery & how much of the styloid Dr. Byorth took out? We will add him to our Doctors’ List pending the outcome of your surgery.

ES surgery is considered to be major surgery even though the incision is small. There are muscles, nerves, & ligaments that get moved out of the way so the styloids & s-h ligament can be removed & all of those get irritated & cause pain post op. It will take 4-6 months for you to have an idea of how successful the surgery was & even up to a year for nerves to heal up.

Taking care of yourself by resting for at least the first couple of weeks & then listening to your body & not overdoing it for the first month or two post op will help you heal more quickly. I hope for you to have great recovery from your symptoms so you’re able to return to your active lifestyle.

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Thank you. It was done in through the mouth. So far recovery is going great. However, like you said time will tell. He removed from what it sounds probably an inch and half but i do not have the official report or pictures of it at this time. I know he removed the bone which was growing into the side of my throat where my tonsil once was. Mine was only on the right side.

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I understand. It just stinks financially because it took doctors 9 years of my money to figure it out .

I know, others have had unnecessary surgeries & tests too…I hope that this surgery gives you a better future

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@245brez - How are you feeling? I had my surgery on the same day!