My Panoramic X-ray and CT

Below is the panoramic x-ray that was apparently taken in 2019. I only just recently saw it, so I thought it was the x-ray taken earlier this year in March. I’ve also uploaded the topogram as well as the axial, coronal, and sagittal views of the head and neck CT ordered last month. Hopefully, the upload is successful.

For those who are adept at reading radiographs, I’d appreciate your thoughts about what you see in the CT as well as the resources that helped you learn how to interpret these images.

Thank you all very much for your care and support.

I forgot to mention that I have requested all of the radiographs (x-rays, CTs, MRIs, and ultrasounds) taken over the last several years of my head and neck that are in my medical record. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I receive copies.

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I see what you mean about your eyeballs. Very curious. It will be interesting to see what your ophthalmologist makes of that.

Except for your panoramic x-ray, I can’t really see your styloids in the other images. Your left one is very long & curvy. The right one also looks very long but isn’t as clear to me. If you could make some images that are more like the one below, that would be more helpful for those of us who aren’t experienced CT scan readers. This one was from a CT w/ contrast. Since yours was w/o contrast, all the vascular & soft tissues won’t be visible.

@Isaiah_40_31 I have to revisit my CT images to see if I can create videos of the coronal and sagittal views. They were actually taken with contrast, but unlike the panoramic x-ray and topogram, they don’t capture snapshots that allow you to get a good look at any given structure without a whole lot of fiddling. And unfortunately, I just don’t possess the patience for a lot of technical fiddling. Either a gadget, an app, or software program is intuitive or it’s not. I mentioned in my follow-up that I have begun requesting all of my radiographs. Hopefully, the MRIs will be less abstract art and more accurate illustration. I’ll be sure to post them once I receive copies.