My pic ... but still waiting to see ENT

So, it been over 1 month since diagnosis, I have heard from my ENT but have no appt date as yet… my situation is not urgent so I will be waiting up to 6 months to see him… however I have been referred to neuro as well as a pain specialist for pain relief while I wait… hopefully I see them soon! As well here is my pan X-ray showing the ES! How long have you waited to have results?IMG_4863|730x417

Sorry that the wait is so long- I’m UK so had similar waits for scans, appts, & then surgery- took nearly 3 years from referral to a specialist to having both sides removed… Canada does seem to be quite bad with so few doctors known to be familiar with ES, & one of those not operating on ES patients any more…
I hope that you get some help from the neuro- there’s lots of info in the Newbies Guide section about medications which can help so you can read up beforehand, & the Ben’s Friends facial pain group can be really useful for info too (you don’t have to join, you can just read the discussions if you want), here’s a link:

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Thank you Jules!!