My symptoms

31 years, Male

I has been an year I'm having the symptoms like

Sore throat on the right side

Pricking sensation while swallowing action

Right ear get hot sometime

Tenderness on right cheek

I can feel some bone clicking sound when I look down and slowly turn my head to right side. and ehn I do this, I can feel some shock going to my back of my head (right side only)

Some pain outside my neck (on the right)

Right year eye lids shiver sometimes

bloodshot right eye (happened twoce)

Clicking jaw while opening mouth

Some pain deep near my right tonsil

Tongue numbness on right side (sometimes)

I have consulted at least 3 ENTs and nothing found

Did endoscopy to check acid reflux.

A lot of us have been diagnosed with reflux - that seems to be the standard mis-diagnosis we get. It sure sounds like it could be Eagles. I saw about 12 ENT's before I got officially diagnosed with Eagles. And even then I diagnosed myself first and had to go to one of the ENTs and tell him that someone told me it might be Eagles.

I think you need to go to an ENT and ask about Eagles syndrome. The main way it's usually diagnosed is with a CT scan with contrast of the neck, but they have to tell the radiologist to look for elongated styloids, otherwise they could overlook it. People have also been diagnosed with regular CT scans, 3D CT scans (probably the best if you can convince the doctor to order it), and even panoramic x-rays.

There's a survey that one of the members did about a year ago that asked us about our symptoms. That may be something you can print out and bring to a doctor if he/she doesn't believe it could be Eagles.

I also think it's helpful for the new people if they can go back and read the past discussions. That would give you a good picture of what's going on and how to handle things. Good luck!!!

Try asking about "Elongated Temporal Styloid Process" The anatomy is more clear than Eagles. Most of them do not know about Eagles or don't remember, You can always then say, "known as Eagles Syndrome." Sorry, if I think the doctors are not paying attention but lots of them are not.

Thank you for all your comments. Good to know that there are people who understand my situation. I have my vacation starting mid of this month and going back to India and that’s the time I expect my wife’s delivery. I know few ent specialists personally and when I consulted them last time where I did not have clue about this ES, they said I have no problems and it is my fear it seems.

they said I have no problems and it is my fear it seems


I get so irritated with doctors like this. If we have something they can't figure out, then it's our fault.

I forgot to say - best wishes for the new baby!!!!

I too have that bone thing near one tonsil. Is it normal in ES?