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Hi Guys,

I found this forum and wanted to ask a question, since my symptoms seem similar. For the last week or so, I was wondering if I could describe my symptoms and maybe members could tell me if this seems similar to Eagles Syndrome. I do not have insurance currently so I am delaying going to the doctor.

For the last two weeks, I have had this weird sensation on the right side of my throat, towards the back where my tonsils used to be (they were removed when I was 20.) I thought maybe something was back there so I stuck my finger down my throat and on the right side of the epiglottis was a weird, long, bone like thing. I felt on the other side, and there seems to be one there too but MUCH smaller. It doesn't hurt, just feels like a mass or something stuck there. Is this Eagle Syndrome, or am I experiencing something else?

Hey there, i would recommend getting a 3D CT Scan to specifically rule out Eagle Syndrome. Then they will be able to see if there is any elongation of your styloid processes or any calcification on them. I believe 2.5cm is the normal range. Anything higher than 4cm would be bad and if there is calcification that's the biggest cause for symptoms.

Thanks for the reply. Is the area I described similar to where the Styloid process is?

It pretty much is yeah. I have read a few times that people who had their tonsils removed ending up getting Eagle Syndrome as a result of that.