Hi, I am new and have many of the symptoms of ES (pressure in head, pain and obstruction in throat, etc.) I am looking for a diagnosis. I have had a nasty bout of nausea/vomiting for several days, with stomach cramps. A couple times I had the desire to vomit and defecate at the same time. I think it is the vagus nerve being irritated but this is just a guess. Has anyone here with ES had similar symptoms?

Feel for you- that sounds grim! Several members have had heart problems because of vagus nerve irritation, so I guess your symptoms are possible… maybe others have had it and put it down to a bug?

Hi callove! Welcome to this forum! We hope we can offer you answers & support that will help you find solutions for your pain & discomfort.
As far as your current symptoms go, I’ve had the very same with a nasty intestinal flu bug but not as an ES symptom. That doen’t mean it’s not an ES symptom though. There are many common symptoms w/ ES, but there is a subset of symptoms as well that seem to be unique to a given individual.
For example, I had weird, intermittent swelling in my gums & the roof of my mouth that resolved after my ES surgeries. I haven’t read that anyone else on this site had that.
To get a proper diagnosis, you need a CT scan specifically of your hyoid bone & styloid processes. Some radiology clinics have a specific Eagle Syndrome protocol. If you suspect nerve or arterial compression then getting a CT scan w/ contrast will reveal those things as well as elongated styloids &/or calcified stylohyoid ligaments.
You can find lots of great info in the Newbies Guide which you’ll find when you click on the HOME link at the top of this page.