Nerve Blocks

I have read a number of individuals getting temporary relief of pain from 3 months up to a year from a glossopharyngeal nerve block in online forums and in research papers. I have been told this block is hard to perform because of all the adjacent structures and we are having difficulty finding anyone that has experience doing it. I read on the forum here that Shaw had pain relief from such a block. Wondering if there are others that have had this block done and whether it was successful. How long did the pain relief last? Who performed the block? Have other blocks worked for other people? Thanks.

There are people who get cortisone shots which help w/ inflammation & have ultimately reduced pain for the time period you suggest. I’ll let someone else answer on the nerve block front as I don’t recall reading other info about it on the forum.

To be honest, I haven’t read of any others that I recall- one member had an unsuccessful MVD as well. Have you joined/ seen the Ben’s Friends Facial Pain group? They have much more info on GPN and nerve blocks, and you might be able to find a doctor who can help.
Like the Lidocaine/ steroid injections though, it might help but if it’s the styloid process irritating nerves, then the only real cure would be to remove it.