New doctor's appointment tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be meeting a new doctor at Karolinska Hospital in Sweden. This time a younger female doc. I hope she takes the time to listen to my problems.

None of the doctors I have met cares that I have a diagnosis of Eagle's syndrome.

I hope and pray that she can help me with my mucous retention cysts of the left side of the hard palate (now they are 3 -4 of them and they are getting slightly larger) and can answer what kind of swelling I have there (like a "string" and also on the left side of the palate).

I have ear pain, lot of pain under my left jaw, the styloid hurts and stucks in my right tonsil and i have a sore spot in the larynx. A number of glands are swollen and I have pain on the left side of the neck at the back of the head .. ...

My tongue feels sore on the inside (left side) and I also have few other problem areas in my neck, mouth and face (pain on the bone that surrounds the eye globe (right eye) and my cheek hurts and feels numb. I am dizzy and my eyes are blurry (mostly my left eye).

The Ent-doctors usually think that there are too many problems and get overwhelmed when I try to tell them. Because of the multiple aches and problems they try to get rid of me and don't want to help me at all...

I do not know if I should tell the new doc about all the problems I have.

I have been humiliated by the former doctor ... she turned to my husband and said that "some people feel more body sensations than others ..". Then she said that she did not have any more time with me ... I'm still in shock and upset over this arrogance.

What should I do? For which symptoms should I seek help?

I had this same problem with doctors getting overwhelmed with all the symptoms. The best thing to do is assume most or all are related to the elongated styloid and address the biggest issues and don't mention the little ones. They will be taken care of when the styloids are taken care of. If you are seeing an ENT doctor don’t mention the eye issues they can’t/won't help you, stick to ear, nose and throat symptoms. We who have ES know they are connected and rest assured these symptoms do get relieved when the styloid is removed.

I would beg for a CT Angiogram if you have not had one and ask for the styloids processes to be measured and angles check to see if they are impinging on the carotid sheath. This is where the majority of your symptoms will be coming from.

I would take in some literature and only give it if you feel it will help your case.


Loved your support comment for Ringblomman. I have felt exactly like Ringblomman. I hope she finds a doctor to help her. It can be so overwhelming at times.

Please let us know how your appointment went. I hope you will get a doctor who will hear your plea for help and be able to help you.

blessings to you,


I hope this appointment was much better for you and agree with RB that the doctor will hear your plea for help and be able to help you find a doctor who can if he/she may not be the one to do the surgery.