New Eagle Diagnosis in Virginia USA

I’m newly diagnosed with Eagle Syndrome. Have been treated for TMJ for the past year and 3D X-rays showed styloid issues on both sides. I’ve been having TIAs so it is time to address. Neuro referred me to ENT in my area, but they don’t treat Eagle. The 2 Virginia ENTs on the provider list are pediatric. Any additional ENTs in Virginia? Thanks!

I’m in VA as well. I think the chairman of georgetown Bruce Davidson was on the master list. I had insurance issues with the Georgetown system so I opted to try for Cognetti in Philly. Dr Hackman in NC was also recommend3d to me. I’m sure the mods could help you more.

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Thank you so much for your response :grinning: these names are both familiar to me and they theoretically take my insurance.


If you end up finding a good Eagle’s syndrome doc in Va let me know :joy:. I tried fairly hard and struck out. There was one guy who wrote a paper on Eagle’s syndrome at UVA but he seems to have moved to like Wisconsin. Then I finally gave up and decided I should look out of state.

Hi @amaretto20120!

Welcome to our forum! I’m sorry to find out the doctors we have listed for VA only do pediatrics. It’s possible they previously did all ages as we don’t add names to our Doctors List unless they’ve been recommended by a member or members who’ve had a good outcome from surgery with them. I’ll make a note next to their names for future members.

As @Bailey recommended, Dr. Cognetti or Dr. Hackman would be good options. There are also a good ES surgeon in NYC - Dr. Costantino. If you can travel out of state, any of those doctors will be helpful for you.

Here’s the link to our Doctors List: Doctor Lists -- no discussion - #3 by Mod_support

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Thank you for jumping in to answer amaretto20120’s question so quickly, @Bailey!! Appreciate you!


Welcome Isaiah! I’ve been wishing to thank you and Jules answering everyone’s questions. You guys are the best !