New here, Glad I found you!

My calendar showed that too. Unfortunately, I needed to postpone the surgery due to the fact that my mother was placed on hospice after finding out she has a glioblastoma in her brain. I would not have been able to recover correctly.

My local ENT is going to do steroid injections on the 16th.

Thank you for the reminder. I recall you mentioning your mom’s health & surgery postponement but forgot to take your surgery off my calendar. I’m so sorry to learn that your Mom has a glioblastoma. I had a friend who died from that same type of tumor 20 years ago. I hope you’re able to have some quality time with her before she’s gone.

The stress of your mom’s situation has likely caused your symptoms to flare a bit. I’m glad you’re getting the steroid injections. That will help keep you comfier.

Please keep us posted about your surgery date when you have a new one.

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Sending you a hug & hope the steroid injection helps… :bouquet: :hugs:

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So sorry you need to postpone this! I hope her passing is peaceful and glad you can be there for her.
You will find hopefully the steroid injection to help. It took about a week for it to kick in with me. Alternately, I was 1st prescribed oral dexamethazone which worked like a charm 1st time around I had a major ES pain flair (before ES diagnosis). It didn’t work as good when I tried it again.
I have a cyst in my sinus and its been there for years. ENT /ES surgeon most likely saw it on scan.
I chose to have styloids out before getting appliance for TMJ and now looking at possible other orthodontics. Im not sure having an ortho evaluation prior to ES surgery would serve you at this point?
I hope you get some relief while you take care of your mom.


Had my injections this morning. Did not realize how much more involved of an ordeal having the styloid area injected is compared to the orthopedic steroid/prp injections that I have received in my knee, groin and wrist. Injections were done at am outpatient surgery center and I was put out under general due to my insanely strong gag reflex. So far so good. He used fluoroscopy for guided imagery and injected from the skull base to the tip on both sides. I will find out in a few days how much it helped, but just from the numbing I’d say my tinnitus has decreased as well as the feeling of ear pressure/fullness. Having a hit of a sore throat from being intubated, but expect that to go away in a day or so.

Re: the sinus cyst… Neither Chhetri or my local ENT (the one who injected me today) are concerned at all both stating it’s a benign retention cyst and quite small.

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I’m so glad you hd the steroid injections. Thank you for the procedure description as I also had no idea that it was so involved.

You may be a bit sore from the needle pokes over the next few days, but as you said, it may take a few days (to a week - my addition) for you to realize the benefit of the injections.

Sucking on ice chips or sipping ice water might help your throat feel better quicker, too. Some people also recommend eating popsicles for that. I’m not a proponent because of the high sugar content as sugar itself can cause inflammation, but that’s just my conservative side showing up. :wink:


Good that they’re not concerned about the cyst…it sounds like quite a palava having the steroid injection, so I hope that it helps :hugs:

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BB, glad you got some injections!
Amazing what you went thru to get them. Mine was in the office sitting upright by a neurologist but I don’t have a gag reflux. I was thankful for the numbing too. Even if brief to have no pain. Unfortunately I metabolize nerve block meds fast and only get about 4-6 hours of relief.

It seems I remember it took about 1 week for the steroids to really kick in fully (I have connective tissue/absorption issues) so Ill be curious what you will experience. Everyone is different and I imagine the dosage impacts how quickly it works. I am glad you are getting some relief from ear pressure. Hope you are getting relief by now.

Glad your retention cyst is not a problem. Ive had the same thing for years and its always called out on my scans by radiologist. They always say its nothing to worry about. I will admit I still dont like for it to be there and mildly concerned it may cause a problem…but I got other more serious issues to worry about. :laughing:


Long overdue update…

  • Injections were actually helpful. The relief was quite subtle and I did not truly appreciate the difference until it wore off in late November/early December. The reason I did not notice it was most likely due to the fact that the numbing helped so much. Because the numbing and injections were helpful my local ENT put me on gabapentin and I think it is helping.

  • When we brought my mom home from the hospital on home hospice at the end of August, both the hospital and hospice did not think she would make it past September (the reason I canceled my scheduled surgery in September). Like in life, my mom does things on her own time and is still hanging in there. She is very comfortable and well taken care of.

  • Because my mom is in such good hands, I opted to be placed back on the surgery calendar. I will be having my surgery on 1/13/22.

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BB16 -

That’s great news all the way around!! I’m so glad your mom is doing well. Great care & being surrounded by loved ones makes a huge difference. I’m really glad you feel comfortable taking care of yourself now. I’ll put your surgery date on my calendar & will be praying for you that day.

:hugs: :pray:


I agree, glad that you’re mum is well cared for, and that you feel able to have surgery now…Good that the injections helped you in the mean time too. Praying for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:


Ok… Today is the big day!

4 hours until I need to be at the hospital. This waiting to leave is hard. Part of me just wants to leave right now and get this over with, but I know that is not how it works. Hospital is 2 hours away and I had dreams last night that we got stuck in traffic and were late or we showed up to the hospital and were told that due to COVID all elective surgeries were canceled.

I will try to have my wife post an update after surgery…

Just been praying that all goes well for you! I hope that your dreams don’t come true :wink:
God bless & will be good if your wife can give us an update :smiley:

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I woke up this morning thinking about you & today’s surgery. I’ve prayed, too, and will be happy to hear how everything goes for you. Since it’s past operating hours now, I expect you’re on the other side of surgery & now your body can start to heal. :hugs: :partying_face:

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Surgery started later than expected. They took me in at 4:30 p.m. Surgery took 3 hours. After recovery and the 2 hour drive, I didn’t get home until almost midnight, and my wife forgot to do an update.

I’m resting right now, but I’ll update with details later.


Am praying that you are doing well!!! You are on your way to recovery!!! So happy for you !

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Hope that you’ve been able to rest up and take it easy, God bless :pray:

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Post-op day 4…

Doing ok, but pretty uncomfortable with shooting pain to my right ear.

Not sure if anyone has used these… they are awesome! Self stick cold packs.

Surgery took a lot longer than expected, a bunch of vascular work needed to be done to free my left styloid.

Waiting for the nerves to calm down to see how successful surgery was.


Thank you for the update. The first week is the worst & days 3-6 are when the post op swelling is the worst. A 3 hour surgery is significant! I’m glad Dr. C was able to move the vascular tissues around w/o damaging them so he could remove the styloid. Did he do bilateral surgery or just one side?

It may take a couple of months before your energy comes back & you start feeling noticeably better. Post op symptoms will come & go & come & go, but over time, they tend to ultimately go. At about 6 mos. post op, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how effective your surgery was though healing will continue to a year & beyond. We are here for you to field your questions & concerns along the way

The Pain-cakes look like an amazing idea! Keep that ice coming & stick w/ the pain meds schedule as close as possible. Make sure to sleep w/ your head elevated to 30º or thereabouts to help reduce neck & throat swelling. If you haven’t started on a stool softener & laxative, please do ASAP if you’re taking narcotic pain meds. Clogged plumbing is no fun when other things are already causing pain.

I will look forward to hearing how your healing journey proceeds. :hugs: :sunflower:

Hope that nerve pain settles down soon, not surprising I guess if surgery was more tricky than expected…The ice packs look like a good idea! I hope that you can take it easy & healing goes well… :hugs: :pray:

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