Does anyone have somatic type tinnitus?


It seems most common for people to have pulsatile tinnitus due to compression with their ES, but does anyone have somatic tinnitus in that they have normal type tinnitus gets louder with certain movements?

I have mild tinnitus in my left ear that’s there all the time and I don’t really notice, but it gets louder if I do a chin tuck movement.

I’ve also noticed that touching the elongated styloid at the jaw angle also causes it to get louder, and oddly, pressing on temporalis muscle where it inserts around the ear also does the same.

I was particularly confused about the relationship between pressing the temporalis muscle, as that’s no where near the styloids.

Biting down onto something hard also makes it louder.

Does anyone else have similar?


I have tinnitus in my left ear. I haven’t noticed it getting louder with any movements or mimicking my heartbeat. It does seem to get louder in the evenings but that’s about the only unique symptom I have with mine.

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I had/have pulsitile tinnitus but with VES I learnt as pressure builds so does tinnitus volume/frequency. I found my temporal areas were affected as with my VES blood would “back up” in all areas above & behind the affected ear. Better after surgery but not 100% gone yet. Not sure that helps but hope it does. D

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Do you think you might have some other compression below the skull base, e.g. TOC?..

I have the same type of tinnitus. Mine is constant in my left ear (tone and loudness changes) and if I do a chin tuck I will hear the tinnitus in my right ear. Both styloids are elongated (I’m new here). I can also feel my jaw hitting the styloid process. Biting down hard also increases the tinnitus as well as pressing on some jaw muscles.

My tinnitus started out as a small tone in my left ear and as it got louder my symptoms also increased. It’s been 3 and a 1/2 years.

YIKES! That sounds awful that you can feel your jaw hitting your styloid! I could feel mine in the soft tissue under my jaw w/ my fingers but that was it.