New here. Undiagnosed but have a question!

Ignore my daughters tiny head poking behind me lol but does anyone have a hard lump on both sides in this spot? I can’t move it! I’m not sure how long they have been there but I have seen my primary care doc and an ER doc who both told me it’s part of my anatomy. I also have the lump in the throat feeling and have had it for months. Ringing in my ears occasionally. Jaw pain and a few other symptoms. Just trying to see if anyone can related. The lumps are below my earlobe!

Welcome to the site! Hadn’t even noticed your daughter until you mentioned it, hi to her as well!
There are glands there, mine used to get inflamed but okay now. There have been quite a few discussions about lumps in this area, hopefully others will chip in, or you can use the search function to look for other discussions.

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Hi kdowdy8515,

After I was diagnosed w/ bilateral ES, I did notice a hard bump in the exact area where you’re pointing but only on the right side. It disappeared when my styloid was removed. As Jules said, it could be irritated glands, but I speculate it’s possible that elongated styloids could be felt in that area depending on the angle at which they’re growing. The styloid processes grow out of the skull very close to the mastoid process which is basically the part of the skull where your finger is pointing.

We have an active forum member, SewMomma, on this site from your state. You could send her a private message to find out who diagnosed her. She’s very happy w/ the surgeon who did her first surgery & is preparing for her second surgery to remove her calcified stylohyoid ligaments. In her case, her styloid processes were normal length so didn’t need to be resected.

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Hi Kdowdy8515!

When the pain in my neck under my jaw - at same location as you - would not stop hurting that is when I saw doctor after doctor. ES was diagnosed in my CT report many months after that. At that point my head/neck surgeon was still skeptical so he sent me off to even more doctors to rule out any other possible diagnosis. He is now a believer, but I am waiting to have a consult with one of the regarded ES surgeons.

I had a neurologist tell me that ES doesn’t exist. But my primary care doc and my dentist are both on board. You have to be your own advocate and follow up, follow up, follow up.

All the best,

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I will have to reach out to her! Thank you :slight_smile: