New to the group

Thank you so very much for this support group. It is quite the anomoly amongst doctors it seems. Very little information is known about this subject. I wish everyone on here the very best with their journey with such an unusual medical diagnosis. Stranger even, in my circumstance, that one is elongated, but the other side ® is actually broken. Will update after my ENT appointment on May 3rd. So wish I could help some of you out there as well.

Hi Sasparilla! Love your screen name! You are not alone in having a broken styloid. There have been a number of people on this forum who’ve had one or both styloids break. When they get long enough, laughing, coughing, neck trauma, etc. can cause them to break. Unless the loose piece moves to a place where it’s causing extra trouble, the broken styloid in & of itself, is not a problem. In some cases, when the styloid breaks, the symptoms it was causing when whole subside.

Please do keep us posted about what the ENT says.


Welcome to the nest. I hope your journey to relief is smooth. Let us know what you need.