Styliod break

Has anyone had a styliod break? I think mine did on my left side.

Some members have had theirs break- it can be from a trauma injury but I’ve read research which says it can even be from laughing! And it’s one of the theories about a cause of ES- that a trauma then causes an overboard healing response and the area calcifies and inflames.

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How would we know? X-ray? I use to cough up hard white pieces before I started getting the other symptoms. Calcification?

@AngelLizzie - I remember someone on here saying their’s broke from a strong sneeze [sorry I don’t recall which member].

I don’t know, but I think several members on here have had tonsil stones in addition to the ES; maybe what you coughed up would’ve been that?
If the radiologist knew what to look for, you could probably see a fracture on an x-ray, but they show best on a panoramic x-ray, and that’s rarely done, plus doctors don’t know enough to suspect a break in a styloid process…

Thanks. I had never heard of tonsil stones, but that does sound like what they were as I didn’t know how bone pieces could make their way out.

Tonsil stones are common for me (weekly occurance). They’re hard enough and white enough to look like bone, but squish one between your fingers and it smells like poo. They’re only a few millimeters across, usually round, and yes, very gross.
There’s no way for your styloid to make it out to your mouth without tearing you a new hole, which would be bloody and very painful at the back of your throat. I’m no doctor, but if you want to see how a doctor removes the styloid process through the mouth, please look up Youtube video czO8PFCdkWk
Warning: it’s graphic, but the alternative surgery (from the outside, has a really long healing time and lots of pain and numbness. My pain has subsided since 2011, nothing has changed, and I’m hoping I don’t ever have it flare up again.

Gross. I haven’t had any in several years. That is good to know about the surgery. So, you don’t have anymore eagles symptoms. How many years ago did you have surgery? I could use a doctor near north Florida. I can’t find one who will see me. Thanks for your help.

I had external surgery & have no regrets. It only took a couple of months for me to feel “normal” again, but I was fully functional after 2 weeks. The advantage of external surgery is there’s better access to cut the styloid(s) & ligaments shorter & better visibility to help prevent nerve damage. Some numbness post op is to be expected, but it usually goes away w/in about 6 months. If there are permanent numb areas, they’re usually not noticeable unles you rub your fingers over them.

Last couple months health realty went bad, spend most time in bed or chair, always dizzy and then one day whole left body went numb and they thought I stroked. No I did not, but went to my chiropractor and got adjustment high in neck n head and ever since then I have had stanibbing pain in my left side throat and wondered if it broke. I go to reg. doc work I will have her xray it n see and if so I guess back to ent I go. Ear pain n throat pain returning on right side from Dec surgery, kinda worried about that. Thank you for everyone’s input.

Sorry to hear about your new problems AngelLizzie! I’ve been told I need to be careful w/ chiropractic neck adjustments since my ES surgeries. Now the chiropractor does more pressure point therapy while gently turning my head side to side than the old neck snapping technique.

It does sound like you have something going on that’s worth following up on.

Please keep us posted so we can support and encourage you.

I have not had the surgery. I was on Celebrex for a short while which removed the pain. Then insurance decided it was not medically necessary. It bothered me for a few months, then stopped and have had no pain for several years now, EXCEPT when I get sick. The doctor can always tell my left ear is red inside, and sore throats hurt more when I’m sick.

My ENT accidentally broke my styloid during the pre-op exam. It was excruciating pain when it happened but it brought me some relief from other symptoms. However, within a few days it started to fuse back together.

I go to a chiropractor as well but I do NOT let him adjust my neck. Even though my right side was removed I know it is still there on my left, though not as bad. I have read a few accounts where neck adjustments have either disected the carotid artery or caused a blood clot, then stroke.

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