New to this - Two questions

After having a lump in my throat for three months, CT scan shows likely ES. Waiting to see ENT on 11/21/13, but I have one initial question to ask: Will symptoms definitely get worse over time, or is it possible this mildly-annoying lump be the only thing I experience? I don't know if I want to go through surgery just to solve a "feeling" I have that I wouldn't necessarily describe as pain.

OK, so perhaps ES causes problems with mathematics. Obviously, I only had ONE question...not two. :-/

Hi :slight_smile:

I do not think that there is one answer to your question. Medical articles with cases on ES are pointing in both directions. It sounds like some people can have mild symtptoms for years with a slight discomfort and some have a very sudden and painfull course of this condition.

Personally mine began very sudden, with a lot of pain and kept on progressing in that awfull direction in less than two years.

  • Eagle Rose