Normal or not?

So last night I happened to turn my head to the right and sort of look down a little bit. When I did so, my throat kind of “popped out” and I actually felt like my neck was going to twist off but I quickly put my head back in neutral and it all went back to normal. None of this was painful. I worried about it for ages and debated going to A&E but with no evidence of anything happening and no pain I didn’t, on the basis that they’d probably just think I was wasting their time. So I text my (twin) sister to tell her what happened, she never really takes any of this seriously and always says I’m suffering from anxiety and thinking about it too much, but I text her anyway just to let her know what happened in case something happened to me overnight. I always worry that I might die and none of my symptoms will be verified and everyone will just think I was completely mad. Anyway, she said this always happens to her (the throat popping out of place, I didn’t mention the neck twisting sensation) and that she thought it happened to everyone and it was normal. I thought she was just trying to make me feel better, but she said it happens sometimes and eventually it just goes back on its own. I swear it’s never happened to me before Dec 2021 when I started with all of these symptoms. So now I’m wondering, is it normal or not? I’ve had so many symptoms over the last 2 years I can’t remember what a normal body feels like. Does anyone else get this and consider it normal and not part of their ES symptoms?

Certainly other members have noticed similar symptoms with their ES when they put their head at certain angles, I guess none of us on here would know what normal is :joy:
I’d just say the fact that you didn’t find it painful and it all went back is reassuring, so try not to stress about it all , although easier said than done I know :hugs: