Old Discussions from Doctors Familiar With ES Outside the US

Hi the one doctor on the list in Ireland Mr Stassen is in a different hospital now. He is my surgeon, the only one still on the list. He works at St James’s Hospital private, Dublin 8. Just Incase there’s a very small chance anyone else in Ireland would be needing him too🤗.

Thanks for the info, will get that changed!

Dr Wayne Redmond doesn’t deal with ES, he will refer you to Dr Boyd Lee who is in the same office as him. Just thought I’d let you know
Dr. Lee is the only Newfoundland ES doctor

Thank you so much Jules and Isaiah. I really appreciate both your insight and help here. I hate such high pain days like today where I don’t know which end is up and don’t care to keto going :frowning: J know there is a lot of pursue the next couple of months so I’m going to try and keep that in sight. I started low dose noritriptyline the other day but it will take time for that to kick in and I have to keep raiding my dose because I started super tiny because of sensitivity to meds. I also started a low dose of Valtex in case any of this is viral related. Only time will tell. Thank you both again, will keep you posted. Happy New Year!!

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