Doctors lists - updated 12/11/15

Here are the updated doctors lists. Please let me know if you see any errors of know of any additions or deletions.

71-EaglesSyndromeDoctorsUSA1211151.pdf (49.9 KB) 72-EaglesSyndromeDoctorsOtherCountries1211151.pdf (23.5 KB)
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Thanks for all your work, heidemt!

Thank you, for doing this! I'm sure it will help a lot of ES sufferers.

I would like to add Dr. Mathew Ellington in Raliegh, NC. He is a fabulous ES surgeon. Thanks!

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Thanks Mooncat. I think he's already on there. There's a Matthew Ellison at Duke in Raleigh. Is that the same doctor?

Did you see Dr. Ellington. We are from Mississippi but have family in North Carolina. We are currently looking for an ES surgeon that will take us seriously. I looked him up online and have read very good reviews on him but nothing on ES. I am praying he is the ONE!! Thanks so much!!

I haven’t seen him. Is this Dr. Ellison? Or Dr. Ellington? There is a Dr. Ellison on our list but I don’t know anything about him. But someone used him. And if this is the one that Mooncat used, then that’s good.

It was Ellison. So sorry for they typo. Thank you for the reply. I will get our internist to check into him. We have family there, so that would be the best place for us instead of going all the way to California, which we will in a heartbeat if need be. Just trying to get our ducks in a row.

Great! I hope he works out for you!

Hi Steven, Dr. Ellison from Duke in Raliegh NC preformed my surgery. He got me in right away. Took 7 cm of bone out. Nice clean healing and scar. I went home that day. He is very kind. I do recommend him! Best of luck! How much are getting removed?

Thank you so much for that information! We haven’t been told how long they are yet. I had the CT scan so hopefully we will find that out next week.

I can’t get the doctor list to come up. Can you tell me if a Dr. Anand is on the list please? That is who my internist is referring us to.

I’m not sure what state that doctor is in so I tried to look through all of them and didn’t see that doctor. But that doesn’t mean he or she wouldn’t be good. The doctor’s list is not a definitive list of doctors that we recommend - it’s a list of doctors that have done the surgery and as far as we know had at least one ok outcome. In fact, there is a doctor on the list that I would recommend people don’t go to if they have a chance to go to someone else.

They’re working on getting the list up.

Thank you. This doctor is in Jackson MS. After reading so much of the posts here and elsewhere, I feel like I will know if I want him doing surgery on my son or not. I am very interested in Dr. Ellison that did Mooncat’s surgery in NC. I feel so blessed to have found you guys!! I feel like information is the key.

That is so true - information is the key - especially for conditions like Eagles syndrome that so little is known about or understood. Did you see the ES Info tab under the Newbies guide? That has a lot of good information.

I will definitely check it out. Still figuring everything out. Thank you so much for your help!! We will keep y’all updated on how our appointment goes with Dr. Adand. It will hopefully be next week. I am a pretty persistent mom. :nerd_face:

When i click on link nothing happens. Cant get it to download. =(

The lists are on my computer at work. I’ll try to re-post them tomorrow.

They haven’t been updated yet - I lost some doctor names when the site switched over to the new format but I’ll post the 12/15 lists and try to update soon. If anyone has names of doctors not on the list that have done successful surgeries, please repost them here. Thanks.