One Day Post-Op

I had my left styloid and ligament removed yesterday. The doctor told my husband it went well. I was pretty sore yesterday and last night. Today has been better, but the doctor said pain will peak in the next couple of days. I have to swallow very small amounts of liquids or it goes into my nostrils. They said that could continue for a few weeks. Thankfully, most of my Eagles symptoms seem to be gone. Unfortunately, I still have the tinnitus but that could be related to my right side. It’s such a relief to not have the neck pain, jaw pain and pain behind me eyeballs. Thanks for all of the prayers!


Great news pinkeagle! Hoping you have a fast recovery!

Glad that you’ve noticed some symptoms lessening already, hope that the post-op pain soon goes as well. Make sure you take it easy & get lots of rest! :bouquet: :hugs:

Hi pinkeagle!

So glad to hear you’ve had your surgery & are feeling better. It sounds like your doctor didn’t prescribe steroids to help w/ your post op inflammation. Some surgeons do & it makes a huge difference as it helps w/ the throat swelling. You could ask for a prescription if you can tolerate Prednisone. Also, if you’re not sleeping w/ your head elevated, have someone get you a wedge pillow (available at Bed, Bath & Beyond or online & maybe even Target). Pile more pillows on top of the wedge pillow so you’re almost sitting up to sleep. Sleeping & resting w/ high head elevation is also a huge help to keep the throat swelling down. Ice. Ice. Ice. Gel ice packs are a godsend especially the ones w/ that have covers on them. Ice your neck for 15 min. every couple of hours. That will also help w/ swelling. Days 3-5 post op are usually when the swelling/pain is at it’s worst so make sure you stick tightly to your pain med regimen through that time as letting the pain get ahead will set your healing back a bit.

I apologize if what I’ve written is “old news”. Just want to make sure you have the tools to help you feel better ASAP.


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Great news PinkEAgle. Also dear Isaiah, thanks for reminding about the steroids, I have my op this Thursday so repeating from an old news is helpful, This has reminded me to ask surgeon for some steroids :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the well wishes! I’ve been sleeping a lot the past few days. I’m still sore when pain meds start to wear off, but it’s getting better. I’m staying on every four hour schedule. They gave me IV antibiotics and steroids in the hospital, but didn’t send me home with any. Did you guys get them sent home and in hospital? My post op is Tuesday. The swelling seems like it’s starting to go down and swallowing is getting a bit easier. I’ll keep updating as I heal!

Glad that things are improving still, pinkeagle! :grinning:
Kingdoz- if you’re having surgery with Mr Axon, he puts a drain in which is kept in overnight to help with swelling, so no need for steroids. Hope all goes well on Thursday!!

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My surgery was outpatient so I went in the morning & was sent home in the afternoon. I was given prescriptions for pain meds, Prednisone, & anti-nausea meds (which thankfully I never needed!). The Prednisone & ice were my two anti-inflammatory life savers! I was also given IV steroids during surgery which helped for the day of the op but not beyond.

So good to hear you continue to see improvement!


I’m praying that your surgery is a wonderful success & your symptoms subside quickly post op!

I am six days post op now. I’m feeling much better overall. There is still soreness at the site, some numbness in my jaw region and difficulty swallowing. I’m curious if anyone can tell me when I will have normal jaw mobility? I can hardly open my mouth. I can just open it enough to get a toothbrush in. Did anyone else have this issue? Thanks!

I had that with my first surgery, just like you I couldn’t clean my teeth properly nor eat properly, I think it got better after a week. So don’t worry- quite normal, it should improve soon. Glad that you’re feeling better overall though! :bouquet: :hugs: