One step forward!

After days of agony and anxiety I finally found and saw the "right" Specialist! I can't believe I am another step closer! I feel so relieved.

After facing so many closed doors - so few are aware of Eagles Syndrome. (I guess that is what all of us realize at the start of our journey) I am having my contrast CT scan tomorrow which we will review in two weeks time.

Dr Sam Dowthwaite is an Otolaryngolgist locally here on the Gold Coast so I don't have to travel all the way to Geelong in Victoria.

Thank you fellow Eagle Friends for all the info and updates, who knows one day this will be broadcasted on the Dr Oz Show or even The Doctors!

Good Luck Bubbles. I wish the very best when you have your consultation with Dr. Sam Dowthwaite. I hope your don't have to wait to long to have surgery if you have decided on that. I just had mine intraoral surgery July 25th and have already noticed some improvement in some of my symptoms. Take care and don't lose hope are faith that you will get better! God bless you and keep you in good health.

Viperbone w/o her viperbone

That is Good news!!! Keep pushing through. I know it is hard. God Bless and keep us posted on your journey.

Thank you BigsBug and Viperbone (without your viperbone, lol) Bless you both too xoxox

I need help!

After I saw my CT scan results I wasn't in a good place at all - I was terribly upset and confused, here's why:

First of all I had a "Petrous Temporal bones, cervical spine & soft tissue neck - contrast CT scan" I also have to mention that when I saw Dr Sam I presented my OPG X-Ray where it clearly states "Ossified stylohyoid ligaments are noted bilaterally (Eagle Syndrome)

Because Dr Sam wanted to rule out any other problems he wanted to have a scan of the neck as well - I had cervical spine surgery in 2003) Now I know was a little naughty because I had the Radiographer sent a copy of the results to my doctor where I work, so I could have fist hand knowledge. Don't know if this was such a clever idea BUT the results stated that apart from mild spondylosis throughout parts of my spine, tiny nodules/cysts in the thyroid gland, there is no abnormal calcification of the stylohyoid ligament.......

What on earth? I could not believe what I have read!!!!! How can it show on my X-Ray and not on the contrast CT scan?????

I am gobsmacked! Could this be that I am over reacting? For the last two days I was on a rollercoaster ride - if this is true why do I have all the symptoms of Eagle Syndrome???? Why would it clearly show on the X-Ray but not on the CT scan? Has this ever happened to anybody else?

Please don't tell me that I took twenty steps back again :(((((


I am Sorry your report does not state ES or anything about the styloids. Did you get a copy of the CT scan on a disc too? Yes this has happened to other people. It happened to RB and you can clearly see her styloids. The report is only as good as the person reading it. So if that person is subpar or has no clue what ES will look like on the scan you get an inaccurate report. Or perhaps they did not get the styloids in the image. I would get a copy of the CD if possible.

I understand your rollercoaster ride. Do you have a copy of the X-Ray and the report that says bilateral calcification of the styloids ligaments? If not request one and keep for your file. This is a bit of a hurdle but you can and will get over it. You did not take 20 steps back just have a hurdle or 2 to get over. Which seems like 20 steps back when you are in constant pain. Hang in there. I am sending you a big gentle hug and going to say a few prayers that God will make the hurdles easy for you to clear.

Thank you BigsBug! I guess being in pain all the time it makes you irrational so to speak... I don't have a copy of my ct scan on a cd but I do of my x rays and also the report clearly states that I do have bilateral styloids.

Thank you for the hugs and prayers... I am almost in tears now. It is so wonderful to have this support from people who knows where you're coming from. Dr Sam is wonderful, I am sure when I see him on the 14th he will know what to do. Be blessed my friend! I am going for a walk now to clear my mind and just focus on the other blessings I have around me. x0x0x0x