Other weird symptoms....are they related?

My radiology report from ct scan came back last week saying it was Eagles…finally a reason for all of the throat, ear pain over the years. I am wondering if any of the following may be related? My ENT says no but he never heard of Eagles…

Last year I had uncontrollable itching on both arms to the point I would scratch until my skin bled. Leaving scars etc. they biopsies my skin. I went to three dermatologists and they said it was neuropathic and gave me steroids. I was later told it was probably because a nerve may be compressed in my neck …causing the itch. Is it possible that the styled process it pressing on something to make that happen? They didn’t mention anything like that in radiology report only that both sides were elongated and probably symptomatic …?

I haven't heard of anyone with itching like that, but then maybe a connection was never made.... Certainly depending on the length and angle of the styloids they can compress different nerves or blood vessels, so it's possible. Many people have had arm and shoulder pain- one member kindly did a survey a while ago of everyone's symptoms, if you look in the discussions section at the top you might be able to find it. It's interesting the variety we get, but with a lot all in common too.

I'm glad that you've finally got a diagnosis and can perhaps move forward with some treatment.

I haven't had itching to the point where I make myself bleed, but I do find that my nose and ears (not both of them at the same time, but one or the other) do get extremely itchy all of a sudden for no apparent reason to the point where I feel like it's going to drive me insane and lasts for a few minutes to about a 1/2 hour. Then as quickly as the itchiness came on, it goes away. Sometimes it will come and go many times throughout the day. I'm not 100% sure if that is related to ES because I have only recently been diagnosed by my dentist. At this point, I am assuming that the itchiness is nerve pain. I also get other kinds of sharp pain in my face that come on all of a sudden and lasts for a few minutes and then it goes away.

Yes! I’ve had the itching, I also had biopsies taken, these showed chronic inflammation and this was to the side of my face and back. This was prior to my diagnosis of eagles and have since discovered that nerve damage can present in this form.

Neurology issues can have itching as a symptom so I suppose any disturbance could cause your itch? The only way to tell is to resolve the ES and see if the itching stops.

Don't want to disappoint, but surgery may not solve it- or at least not for a while. If the nerve is damaged, or gets stretched in the surgery, then if it is causing the itching then that might not improve. Having said I haven't heard of anyone itching, I do often get a prickly, itchy feeling on the left side of my face (the worst side), which I'd never connected to the ES! I'd always put it down to something else, but reading your post again...

I don't think the some of the scans show nerves very well- I think MRI might, but CT may well not anyway.