Does it sound like Eagle

Hi I would love to know if this sounds like Eagle to you.

My symptoms:

-Pain in the ear (not always but often) feels like someone is putting a needle in my ear hole.

I get a weird tickle sensation sometime too.

-Sensitive face. Really weird feeling from my jaw to my eye, even the bridge of my nose feels weird, uncomfortable.

-feeling of pressure underneath my ear.

-weird feeling in throat. Like I swallowed a fish bone and it got stuck. (although not always, only when I turn my head to the right -side of the problem)

-Very loud ringing of the ears.

Clicking in ears, clicking behind nose (really weird) and clicking in throat.

sore neck from time to time, right at the back,....

I went to see E&T as very worried about ear pain. I have osteoclerosis and he seemed to concentrate on that only. Only when I got the result from my CT scan from the radiologist, I noticed that Eagle Syndrome was mentioned as he said I have "rather long Styloid_processes, yet the E&T didn't do anything about it, Could this be what is causing all this? I am sooooo fed up. It is soo unpleasant.

Thanks for your replies.

Hi Lucy,

a lot of the symptoms are pretty common here! The feeling of something being stuck in your throat is one of the main ES symptoms mentioned in any literature about ES (although I never had that!), and pain turning your head is a typical symptom too. The pain in your ear could be caused by a nerve which could be inflamed by an elongated styloid process, and also possibly the tinnitus. The sensitive and weird feelings in your face could be due to the Trigeminal Nerve, which again can be compressed by the styloids. If you have time to trawl through the ES information section, there's so info in there about typical symptoms, and what might be the cause for them. Perhaps your ENT isn't aware of ES?

Thank you Jules,

The 2nd E&T I saw replied to an e-mail I sent him last night and is getting me to see head and neck surgeon. Reading some stuff on here I am 99% sure I have Eagle, I just couldn't sleep last night. I couldn't get into a comfortable position. The pressure was so bad on my right hear... and I kept coughing as something is irritating my throat. I hate this so much.

I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping- best advice I had was on here- to sleep propped up, and it helps take the pressure off.... I have a wedge pillow and a V shaped orthopaedic pillow. It's the only way I could get comfortable, although even then I couldn't sleep on my worst side as it was compressing the jugular vein and laying on it even briefly would make the pressure feel awful in my head. The other side's not quite so bad. Mine irritated the trigeminal nerve too, so now I take Amitriptyline for nerve pain which helps me sleep too.

Hope that you can see a head and neck surgeon soon- they should be able to handle the surgery in that area. Well done for picking up on it and pushing to be referred!