Mostly I a looking for encouragement. Just relocated in Dec and only a bit closer to having new health insurance. Np PcP no care for now. No Gabapentin, no steroids and nothing for pain accept Aleve. I am really hurting today to the point of starvation and aggravation. I hate seeing docs in the ER, they treat me badly half the time. The other half they treat me great. Cannot get any continuity of care. Extremely Stressed. :( Oh and in soooooo much pain today :(

I am so sorry for your pain!! I wish that words could take away your suffuring..all my love and strengh are going out to you.

I take Motrin and feel it works better than Aleve. Of course, everyone is different. So sorry you are uninsured at the moment! Hopefully that will turn around soon. When it does, do your homework and try to not waste any time by seeing someone useless to you. This site may be able to help direct you to the right doc. In the meantime;; hugs

We can all sympathise with you- you've come to the right place. I find smoothies, juices or soups help if I'm in pain- I get mouth trouble too, so sore to eat at times. If you can't eat that's not going to help your stomach with taking some pain killers. Does heat or cold help your pain at all- I'm definitely a heat person, so have a hot water bottle round my neck and one on my face which helps a tiny bit. What sort of pain do you get?

I hope that you get your insurance sorted soon, thinking of you, God Bless.

we all know your pain...hang in there...so sorry for your sufferings- sending you love

Maria, I'm so sorry for your pain. I sure hope you can get health insurance soon. Eagleheart used to post on here and she used to eat a whole bunch of popsicles at night. I don't remember exactly how many, but it was a lot - maybe something like 20 a night. That might be something that you can try.

Btw, Eagleheart had two surgeries by Dr. Cognetti and is now well and out living her life.

Have you gone to your local Department of Social Services to apply for Medicaid or the health department? Maybe they can help some for now.

With ER doctors - they mostly treat everyone nasty because they are busy and normally very stressed. If you don't feel well and you need help don't let yourself be detoured by the thoughts or opinions of others.