Need encouragement

I am in an immense amount of pain, want to visit ER. But hate the way I am treated sometimes. Very down and lost.

First of all, I am so sorry that you feel the way you do Maria.

If you have some magnesium, take some, about 250mg is good. You may want to take some NSAIDS as well for your pain.

Grab a warm damp towel and place it on the back of your neck, play some calming music and try and relax as best you can. I know it is hard, but try not to focus on the pain, as in doing so, the pain is only going to be amplified.

If you have any chloroseptic pain relieving spray, or throat lozenges, give them a try as well, as they can offer some relief.

I have been where you are WILL get better.

Have a best friend or a family member come over and be with you. You must think positive...I know how trite that may sound when you are in such pain, but I can assure you, pain gets notched up at least two points when you focus on it. You must program your mind and body to ratchet down the pain so you can manage it.

You are not alone. You are not lost.

This is something that you can and will beat.

I will pray for you tonight Maria, in fact, I am doing so now.

God bless you Maria.

Maria -

I am so sorry for your pain. Know you aren't alone ... the people on this site understand the excruciating pain and also the reaction from doctors who don't understand.

I too am praying for you. I hope you find a doctor who can help ... perhaps willing to prescribe something to take the edge off.

Hope things look brighter this morning, Hopeful

sorry I'm not up to speed on the story, what kind of pain ?

Hang in there and find the right doc and set your attitude to fight back and not let the pain win. I used to do stuff that I knew would hurt bad but it kept my mind off of the pain. I agree that focusing on the pain makes it worse.


Just know you are not ALONE. Your suffering will get better, there is hope and a better day. I would pray, eating helped me, humorous movies brought my spirits up. Turmeric helps with inflammation, also make a ginger wrap by putting fresh grated ginger on a towel pour very warm water on it, wrap it up and then around your neck leave on for 15 mins. That will help the muscles in the neck relax. You need pain reliever, find a doctor who treats chronic pain so you can have relief when you have painful attacks.

I played a lot of focus games which was to think about positive things, such as nature, birds, whatever was pleasing to me. These are all wonderful ways to deter your brain from the pain. I remember what it was like to be at the end of my rope with the pain and no one knew how to help me.

Keep your spirits up!

I have found that ice behind the ear help me. I hope you feel better

~~ I've been using Arnica ...I spread it behind my ear and along the jaw line. I think it takes the edge off.

Hoping everyone has what I call 'a good pain day' Hopeful

So sorry to hear that you are suffering Maria :( Your feelings are MORE than justified….. I know sometimes I get lost in not having open ears around me that want to hear the nuances of my complaints and complications about living my life in chronic pain for as long as I can remember……. if you need more ears, you can talk to me <3 Jayde *hugs*