Pain in back of throat after head extension

Well team. I am headed for surgery. Yesterday I went on a kick board which extended my cranium. Since then, literally every time I swallow I have a knife like stab in the back of my throat. I’ve been waiting for a cardinal symptom and unfortunately just got it. I’m scheduled August 7 w Cognetti and will reconsider samjii but this is quite wierd and painful! HaS anyone else experienced this? Seems like now I have classic eagles!

Hi Jenniferobel,

I’m sorry that happened to you, especially when you were out doing something fun.

Dr. Cognetti does good work, but there is one caveat: He does not remove the stylohyoid ligament(s) even if calcified. PLEASE make sure you have no ligament calcification or at least clarify for certain what he will & will not be removing. We have a member who had bilateral surgery done by Dr. C who recently had her ES symptoms return. A follow-up CT scan showed calcification on her s-h ligaments. When she contacted Dr. C, he told her he never removes the ligaments, only the styloids. She was shocked as she understood he had removed everything down to her hyoid bone. She’s now looking at round 2 of bilateral surgery to be done by a different doctor. NO FUN!!

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Sounds like the movement you did shifted things in your neck, or could even have fractured the SP - it can be easily fractured by sneezing or laughing. I guess it confirms the need for surgery for you though!
Apparently Dr Samji does more surgeries than Dr Cognetti so does get patients through quicker if it feels a long time to wait.

FYI: Dr. Samji is booked out for surgeries about 3 weeks.

Thats if you have already had consult with him and he has reviewed your CT Scan and deemed you eligible for surgery.

Yep. He can do around August 7th. He can see that I am booked w Cognetti so I need to make the decision about surgeons. Trying to figure out if Cognetti takes the calcifies ligaments. He said he takes anything that is calcifies and doesn’t differentiate between ligaments and process because it unified into one structure. East coast has a lower covid rate and I am a hospital case.

Yes measuring the risk of travel and COVID is needed in these times unfortunately. Santa Clara PHD has a really good covid page if you want to deep dive into the infection data in that county and includes data on medical facilities. They have an exceptional public health department and I think in the top 5 in CA. I would be most worried about flying personally as you have no control with that process.
If you are considering Samji and safety, I suggest flying directly into San Jose and not SF. This is generally a pretty quiet airport, brand new and very roomy. Maybe a red eye w less people? I rented a car (vs uber) and sanitized it it to my comfort level. I went directly to my hotel room which had direct access to my room (No lobby to go thru) in Los Gatos. I sanitized the room although it was pretty clean and housekeeping did not come into my room. I had a whole gated wing and outdoor patio/garden to myself due to low occupancy. I went out for a few groceries at non-peak hours (early am) and the local restaurants offer delivery. I was pretty careful and felt very safe in Los Gatos which serves primarily silicon valley upper to high wage earners. I’m sure you could get groceries delivered to avoid grocery stores. I believe Samji has privileges at Stanford medical facilities which I’m sure you already have determined. Good luck on your decision on a surgeon as well as surgery.

Several years ago, I was told by someone in Dr. Samji’s office that Dr. Samji had left Stanford. At least one of his mentoring professors/doctors is still practicing there though.

Yes. He has an ambulatory clinic if you have private insurance but uses the hospital if you have Medicare.

Dr. Samji uses Silicon Valley Surgery Center (where I had my surgeries) for his outpatient surgeries & Good Samaritan Hospital for his inpatient ones. We have had several members w/ Medicare or other insurance that required a hospital stay so they’ve had their surgeries at Good Sam (what we locals call the hospital) :wink:.

Does anyone know MSK-Neurology in Oslo? Look at his website and writing. He diagnosed my Eagle’s despite it being missed at multiple institutions. He is a PT who thinks surgery should be done instead of Pt if one has eagle’s and then PT. He has agreed with everything Samjii has said about my case.

Jenniferobel - You’ve really searched far & wide for answers! I’m glad what you learned from the PT in Oslo aligns w/ what Dr. Samji thinks. That should give you some peace of mind that you’re consulting w/ knowledgeable doctors & are progressing in the right direction for treatment.

We’ve had one other post from a member in GB who referred to seeing an MSK specialist. Here’s the link: Understanding CT scan

We have had one member who Dr Cognetti didn’t remove the calcified ligaments with, he told her that he doesn’t remove them. Maybe if the calcification isn’t constant through the whole ligament he doesn’t? Hers was nearer the hyoid end of the ligament.
Difficult decision to make…