Approved for Surgery: Consultation This Week

My doctor had a new CT scan done and formatted for a better view; my last was two years ago, and though he was not denying that there was elongation, he has been cautious. He now know that I have calcified ligaments, and he is willing to do surgery, officially; it’s been a long road, and I’ve appreciated his caution and patience with this to make sure that was the route to be taken. My nurse spoke with me on the phone and let me know that he does not want to pursue the intraoral route (which I am quite pleased about, all things considered—that I’ve read here, and due to the brutal tonsillectomy aspect), which gives me hope that more of this process will be removed—though I am curious to know why he thinks that this is the best way for my case (perhaps he is realizing it is sometimes the more efficient route—we shall see). He has mentioned in the past that if that was the case, he would work to remove as much as possible; he is a head and neck oncologist and has done maybe around 10 Eagle’s surgeries, but knows that it can leave people without symptom resolution a percent of the time, so he wanted to ensure that he wouldn’t be wasting my time and risk of making this “worse than it is”—and of course, there is the question of the bilateral situation, which I am hoping now that he has confirmed the calcification, he would be open to eventually operating on my left side as well as needed (I think it could eventually be necessary since I feel some pressure there, too). I had GPN as well as some bizarre near-syncope and seizure symptoms with what we think was a neuroinvasive virus this summer that was probably enflamed by the styloid situation, as I could feel the nerve irritation centralized in that area that would flare up these attacks (terrifying and really hard to describe) that left me never ever wanting to risk that experience again. Needless to say, I am very excited and relieved to have received this call and to discuss further plans.

A thank you to many of you on this forum; your advice and encouragement has been very helpful.

That is such wonderful news, mkalicet! So nice that you can have surgery close to home & that your doctor is on board with doing what’s best for you & not necessarily most convenient for him. Your worst symptoms sound a bit like those D907 is having so it will be good to see how you both improve post op.

Please do post about your surgery & during different stages of your recovery. It’s always good for those who are new to the forum or still considering surgery to read “the good, the bad & the ugly”. The choice to have surgery is always more wisely made when all “cards are on the table”. (It’s my day for cliches!).


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I’m glad that you’re able to have surgery, & will pray that it does improve your symptoms. The external route does seem to give better access & visibility, & it sounds like your doctor is experienced, so all good. Have you got a date yet?

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That is a big step in the right direction for you. We know that it is a stressful, but hopeful time for you.

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Hi Jules! I have been m.i.a; surgery is next Wednesday the 28th of November! Quite ready and excited about this step!

I applaud your good attitude. Surgery will make such a difference for you. Just remember that it will take a couple of months post op to regain your energy & perhaps longer for nerves to heal. Taking it easy especially in the first 2 weeks after surgery is VITAL! Don’t overdo on days where you feel good - moderate your activity instead.

Hoping for the best possible outcome for you, mkalicet!

:pray:t3: :blush:

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I hope that it goes well for you, will be praying for you!

This is very good advice! I appreciate it very much; I certainly do not want to have to recover more than once from pushing the limits…I know it’s tempting for many of us!

Big day tomorrow!!! Running around doing last minute things? What will your last meal be tonight? :laughing:

I know you’re excited. I’m about 44 days behind you! Let us know how you do in recovery if you are up for it! Prayers sent your way!

Let us know how it went as soon as you’re feeling up to dropping in here!

We’ll all be thinking of you tomorrow!

Seenie from Moderator Support

You are so amazing! Your prayers mean so much. I went to check in a few times to respond, but alas, I was running around like mad. I am living at home with my parents at the moment, and funny enough, my mom found out that she had a surgery to pursue before the end of the year on her foot; so she got the go ahead to walk on her boot the day before I had my procedure and get rid of the crutches that she’s been on for a few weeks—I had to do quite a bit of the planning and cleaning / helping her out. We are basically just trading places! My “last meal” was at 7:15 am, and it was a delectable cup of ginger tea, water, an apple, two eggs and a bit of sausage—I should’ve gone all out ;).

A little briefing before I make a post the next few days! Let’s get this written down in real time:

I was originally scheduled to check in at 9:00am, but got a call last week telling me to check in at 1:45 instead; ended up getting bumped up, and made it to check in by 12:45 or so. Went in for the procedure around 2:40.

I guess I ended up in the recovery room sleeping it all off for like two hours! Had a weird thing where my heart rate would go up when I would talk; a little bizarre—they weren’t worried but it has me curious. Everything else looked great.

I am a little bit beside myself at how aware I am after this procedure; but my surgeon is calling for little pain meds unless I need them which might explain the awareness.

The incision is awesome; along a crease in my neck.

He said it went very smoothly; I guess my calcification was a little bit more isolated and on it’s own rather than it being attached to the ligament— like suspended! I should attach photos of my CT; he said it matched just about perfectly. He followed that calcification all of the way back to the styloid. He took it all out and cut down the bone to the skull; I am so pleased. He also mentioned that he saw that glossopharyngeal nerve and now is convinced that this Eagle’s issue was the culprit of my complications earlier this summer; feels very validating. Great news to wake up to. Had an amazing team.

It is about 9:00pm; I’ve been up and aware and talking since 6:00. I ate some Jell-O in the second recovery room and drank some water. I noticed the swelling when I took the first sips; I have had to watch out for that whilst eating / drinking—just getting used to that a bit, making sure bites and sips are not too much to handle / anything that could get caught up with the swelling.

So far, the pain is pretty manageable; I know in the recovery room, my throat felt a bit sore, and the right side just feels swollen—hard to conceive what just took place considering what I am feeling now, but I’m feeling good—again, I am sure they used some hefty pain meds at the hospital, but I am not being prescribed opioids unless I need them.

I just ate some more food at home! A bit of soup and a lil’ bit of bread. I was actually quite hungry!

Thinking that because I was so exhausted today, I just absorbed that anesthesia in recovery, and ended up really well-rested, ha! Expecting to feel quite drowsy tomorrow and fully expecting that this will require some icing and rest and care, of course. Your advice is so helpful; I will be taking it easy!

I have photos for you all! I will share them in a new post; I will do that tomorrow!

Thanks again. Praying for you as well.

@sewmama I am keeping you in my prayers!

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Thank you so much! I just responded with a brief post-surgery update to @SewMomma if you are curious. I will be making a separate post tomorrow, hopefully!

You guys are so awesome; so far so good. Your prayers mean the world. Just posted a prefaced update for @SewMomma on this thread; will post updates separately hopefully starting tomorrow!

@Jules @emma <3

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Great that you’re feeling so good! I’m really pleased for you…hope you keep healing & take it easy as much as you can- when you feel okay you can easily overdo things! Hugs & prayers! :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

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WOW! What a great shortly-post-op story! I hope for you that your pain stays away & you NEVER need opioids EVER during your recovery! I’m praying, too. You’ll probably be a bit more sore as the week progresses because swelling will continue to increase for several days. Ice will be your good buddy & keeping your head elevated while sleeping will help w/ swelling, too. So fantastic to hear your surgeon removed everything to the skull base!


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How are you doing today mkalicet? I bet it’s nice to have your mom and dad around.

I enjoyed your timeline. I’m scheduled for 2:30 but was told I could get “bumped ahead”, so the opposite of what happened to you! I’m all for the earlier time. Did nerves set in around lunch time? I’m hoping I’m so excited by then that I have nothing but peace.

Did your heart ever do anything weird again at home? How’s the pain and swelling? Are you able to sleep at night or doze during the day?

Any issues with eating swallowing? What’s the most noticeable thing that’s better post-op?