Pain when swallowing

When people have had pain when swallowing, what was it like? Was it a vague pain, sharp pain, on the symptomatic side? Thanks!

My pain has been so sharp that my throat went into spasms. I thought for a few minutes that I was having a heart attack. I went to Urgent Care, and they thought I had a esophageal stricture. They referred me to a gastroenterologist who wanted to put a bugie down my throat and break up what he thought was going to be a ring of tissue. Fortunately, I got a cold a few days before the procedure and cancelled. I was not convinced that barging ahead without first doing a barium swallow was all that wise. I just learned to eat much slower, especially with meats and french fries. (I don’t know why I would eat that crud, anyway. I try to stick with a vegetarian diet.) It was several years later that I was diagnosed with ES.

Chrissy ~ Just as w/ all ES symptoms, there is a range of pain levels that can be experienced during swallowing from no pain to what kaytee is experiencing. I had troubles w/ choking on my food & found, as kaytee did, that I needed to eat smaller bites & chew well. My throat would hurt when I swallowed but not to the point of spasming.

Have you’ve had ES surgery? Or, are you asking because that is what is going on right now?

No surgery.