Phone Consult

I’m excited nd nervous! Dr. Samji has reviewed my CT results and has determined that I am a candidate for Surgical Intervention!!!
I have scheduled my phone consult with him for August 10. I have 2 questions:

  • If I can’t have surgery before October should I postpone the phone consult?
    *I need to have a list of Questions ready but I don’t understand enough to have Qs ready. What do I really need to be prepared with to ask Dr. Samji?
    I couldn’t make it thru this without knowing each of you are there!!!
    Yesterday was horrible and can’t wait to get relief!
    Thanks so much for being there!!

I’m pleased to hear you’re able to have surgery; I’m sure that it’ll be a relief to get it done, and at least you know that you’re seeing an experienced surgeon!
Normally we’d suggest that you ask if the surgery is intra-oral or external, and how much of the styloid your surgeon is expecting to remove, but as Dr Samji is well known on here, I believe he does external surgery and will remove as much as he can safely do. He also seems to be careful with where he operates, in a natural neck crease so you should have minimal scarring.
Do you know if you have elongated styloid processes or calcified ligaments, or both? If you’re not sure what the CT shows then you could check that. Do you have bilateral ES? if so then check out which side needs to be operated on first as Dr Samji only does one side at a time. How long you’ll have to be around for after the op is something you need to find out, as some surgeons like you to go back for a follow-up appt. later after surgery. Hopefully others on here can give you advice about that as well.
There’s lots of info in the Newbies Guide about what to expect post-op, so I would have a look at that so you know what to expect and seamom did a surgery shopping list with a few ideas of stuff to get in ready, so check that out! And if you react to any painkillers etc. then make sure you let Dr Samji’s team know that.
I’m not sure about your question re having the surgery before October- I can’t imagine it would matter as not much (hopefully) will change in that time and presumably you’ll have pre-op assessments the day before you have surgery anyway.
Hope the phone consult goes well!

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Hello Jolleen…I just had my phone consult with Dr Samji last week. I have to say he is VERY easy to talk to, not stuffy as some docs are, and really took the time to explain things to me. If no one has explained your ct scan to you, then I would ask Dr Samji exactly what he sees there. Also if you have time go thought and read as many of the posts form members who have had the surgery and especially those done by Dr Samji. I am in so much pain I was ready to go tomorrow, however due to the fact I broke my hip in June I now have to wait til Nov-Dec. :weary:
Best of luck to you and I hope you get your surgery done asap and are on the mend way before I can ever get mine done. Don’t stress over you phone call, he’s really great.

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Thanks for you input, Gina45. I totally agree with you. He is a fabulous surgeon & a nice person, to boot!!

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Sorry to hear about your injury Gina, and that your surgery’s had to be put off- hope that you heal quickly and can manage the ES pain in the mean time. Thinking of you…

I had my phone consult with him and it made me more nervous. What are your questions

Sorry that was the end result of your phone consult. What was it he said that concerns you, tambralee915?

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He mentioned the risks that goes along with the surgery. I can’t imagine
anymore problems after suffering as much as I have. I am flying to calif
again tomorrow to meet with the last Doctor that supposedly specializing in
this. My symptoms get worse everyday and I need to make a decision quickly.
My eyes are bothering me the most along with the gland that pops over and
over everyday as well! If this other surgeon doesn’t work out them I will
need to have samji do it. One thing that he mentioned was that he hasn’t
joined this forum because half the people here may be crazy… It made me
wonder… I think eagles syndrome and the symptoms Tha everyone suffers with
should indicate how ccommon this problem is and would also prove that the
vascular side of things are true as well… we will see what happens

Thanks for your response. So glad he was square w/ you about possible surgical risks. It’s better to know the possibilities than to be ignorant & surprised post op.

I’m a bit taken aback that he would make a judgment about the people on this forum. I think he hears bits & pieces of conversations that occur on here from Ben’s Friends members who see him & perhaps judged those harshly. He spoke about this forum respectfully when I was his patient. I know he has specific opinions about ES that show he doesn’t always “think outside the box” (the vascular vs non-vascular debate for example) as far as symptoms are concerned, but sadly, I think that’s true of most brilliant doctors. They know what they know, & heaven & earth must be moved to get them to see things differently.

I will pray for you to have safe travels tomorrow & back home again. Please let us know what you learn from the doctor at UCLA.

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Thank you so much! I will be in touch soon…Take care as well and I as
well continue to pray for you and everyone else on this site :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jules!! This really helped me formulate a list of questions and start my brain in that direction!!!

Thanks Gina!! That’s wonderful!!! My baseline pain level has increased and I’m not sure how I will last til October but that’s when I qualify for FMLA.
I’m sorry about your hip, I understand that’s gotta be frustrating since it’s another road block from surgery. Too bad you can’t go in October nd we can meet nd maybe get a 2 for 1 Eagles Deal? I’m teasing.
I’m praying for you right now! I hope your hip heals quickly!!!

I did find it interesting that Dr. Samji didn’t ask to see my CT only the report. So that’s one of my questions. The report was quite detailed since i have a long history of ear problems including a mastiodectomy. There’s another question for him. I’ve struggled with some ear numbness after that surgery nd I’m asking him if he can fix it!!!

Good plan!! Keep a list going on paper & not just in your mind. He may bring up topics that you will have questions about as well.

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Just a few hours now! A lil nervous. His office suggests to call him from a landline if possible so I was going to use my desk phone at work but I’ve been off all week. 1 day was mental health pretty much but now I’ve been off for vertigo. So I gotta use my cell. Here’s praying for a clear connection!
Also my husband wants me to forget waiting for FMLA, I’m so uncomfortable everyday now. He will even tell me I don’t look good, LOL Nd he would never say that! So here’s hoping for an open Surgical date soon. Maybe couple weeks??? Please pray!
Thanks for being there for me!!

The ear numbness may well not get fixed- depending where they operate for styloidectomy you can end up with a bit of that too. Mine took over a year to go after the first op, and I still have some numbness the second side- that was 14 months ago. Better than pain though, any day!!
Let us know how you get on, God Bless.

Dr. Samji is soooo much nicer and compassionate than we can explain here!!! So very personable! Seems quite grounded in reality too with our struggles!
He doesn’t have an availability until the first Monday in October, but that’s perfect with everything going on! He also agrees that it should be after my vacation.
He did warn me about the possibilities of nerve damage but any good Dr. should warn you of all of he possible risk! I’d rather know! He is direct and to the point, which is my language anyway besides honest. With my pain level increasing, Vertigo, nd an overwhelming ill feeling nd fatigue, I’m ready!!!
Ok!! I’m competitive so 1 quick story!
Dr. Samji said that SP normal lengths are about 20 mm. For ES norms are about 20-35 mm. Mine are about 40mm!! So, of course, I laughed and hooted nd hollered!!!
The longest he ever seen was 60!! Maybe by the time I need my second one done, I can beat it!?!?! Sorry, I gotta find joy where I can!!!
Blessings to all!!!

I certainly hope that doesn’t offend anyone, it truly isn’t meant to!!! Hugs :hugs:

hi laughingrocks2. mine were bilateral 59mm or 5.9cm
good luck in october.

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Glad you’ve still got your sense of humour! Very pleased that he’s going to operate- hope that October soon comes round for you, and hope that you can enjoy your holiday with all the symptoms you have. Don’t forget to read up on what to expect post-op! :smiley:

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