Please can somebody tell me how long does the surgery of compete removal of one styoid takes? Thank you!

Thank you so much...I will go to see and ETN surgeon also operates on neck and scull base...dont rely know what to excspect! My mum is better thank you.....I am also in touch with the biggest clinic in Serbia KCS with ETN and maksiofacial department huge hospytal and excellent surgeons...just waiting for their replay what to do and be honest I have this numb toungue and also burning toungue...which I strongly belive is due to ES...because my BMS is getting worse...specialy on the side of neck where my styloids are....the long one and the short which is acording to maksiofacial surgeon to tick...but since they said I can get worse I am going this friday to see this ETN surgeon here in Slovenia...who is operating only on very very difficult cases...dont thing he ever did ES...but they speak higly of him! I will just follow my inside fillings...I just know, since all my problems started is more than 4,5 years ago...and actualy more the styloids where growing more discomfort I have.....So I will have to make a very big decission.....for now Barcelona is out due to some my personal isueses.....I will definetly let you know how it goes.....with BMS is like get lessen over the years....but my BMS got worse and symple explanaton is, due to styloid growing and pressing on some nerves.....hugs to all and thank
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By the way, the reason that I travel and look for another doctor was because the doctor that diagnosed me said exactly the same thing. “I cannot guarantee that you will be better, you might get worse...” The doctor that made my surgery said that I cannot guarantee that you headaches will go away, and it's gone!... Today I believe that they all say the same because it's all so complex and they dont know much about it as well. I hope this helps...