Please Help!

I am reposting the link for a notice from our ModSupport Staff from 12 days ago.

Ben’s Friends, the non-profit under which the Living with Eagle & many other forums live, is in desperate need of some positive testimonials to help with fundraising as we come to the end of this year. The COVID years took a toll on the amount of corporate & smaller financial donations made to help keep Ben’s Friends alive. In an effort to keep the BF umbrella over our heads, and our community open, would YOU please consider either writing a short testimonial or creating a short video testimonial (I made a video a couple of years ago in fundraising season) which will be used to encourage corporate and other donations.

I, along with the ModSupport staff, thank you for your help from the bottom of our hearts!


If you would like to help, please complete this questionnaire:

If you have any trouble with the questionnaire, please let a moderator know.