Reaction thread -- Spotlight on our Member: SewMomma from Living With Eagle Syndrome Community

Let’s thank our very own SewMomma for agreeing to be our “Spotlight” member this month. We think the article turned out really well, and we are excited to be able share her story with all 75,000 Ben’s Friends members and several tens of thousands more Facebook followers.

The SewMomma article also appears on Ben’s Friends main website blog where visitors to Ben’s Friends home site can get to know a bit more about our organization and our members.

If you know of someone interesting who you’d like to see “spotlit” in the Ben’s Friends universe, drop a line to

@SewMomma, thank you for letting us share your inspiring story! It was wonderful to get to know a bit more about the person behind the screen name. All the best to you!

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Seenie from ModSupport


And thanks, Sewmomma, for all you input & support on the site! Glad that surgery has improved things for you!


I second what Jules said & third Seenie’s acknowledgements. Thank you, SewMomma for being such an integral part of our “group”!


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Isaiah! Where did you get that amazing avatar? I had to blow it up to see that it was an eagle, an American eagle at that! And it extends out from the border of the avatar … very very cool!


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SewMomma, Thank you for your input and support. You are a strong and amazing woman.
Merry Christmas to you and your family. May the new year bring you peace.


Bitmoji. You design your own character (similar to on the Wii) & most people try to make them look like themselves (sort of). Once the character is made, it’s added in to their pre-made greetings/comments as a character. It’s a cell phone app. Doesn’t work on computer or iPad sadly.

My avatar is hard to see. I think that Bitmoji might have been for 4th of July but it’s available all year.