Possible Eagles?

Hello everyone, and thank you to the ladies who welcomed me.
I have been dealing with a vast array of symptoms for over four years now and just recently stumbled upon Eagles syndrome as a possible cause (for at least some of them anyway).
My doctor requested that a radiologist and ENT look at previous MRI results, which the did, and stated that there was calcification of the stylohyoid (apologies if that isn’t quite right, I hope you know what I mean!) ligaments but a CT would be required to get a better image.
I had the CT and the radiologist reported back to my GP that the styloid processes are 3.5mm and 3.7mm, but a diagnosis of eagle syndrome with my clinical presentation would be ‘obscure’. There was also no mention of the calcified ligaments and my GP said this can reverse itself - is this really possible? The GP now seems to have ruled Eagles out, but I wonder if I should pursue it further?
Please help!

No it won’t reverse itself. That’s an utter LIE. Surgery is needed. You need to find one of the Drs on Emma’s list.

I agree with Heather - it won't reverse itself. Surgery is the only treatment for Eagles. You do need to find someone with knowledge about Eagles that can help you.

Just a caveat though - the doctors on Emma's list are there because someone had a successful surgery with them - but that doesn't mean everyone will have a successful surgery with them. There are some doctors on the list that worked for some and not for others. So don't take the list as gospel. They are suggestions. And it doesn't mean that a doctor not on the list can't be a good doctor for Eagles. (Oops - that's a double negative statement - what I mean is that someone who is not on the list can still be a good doctor for Eagles.)

One other thought - about a year ago, one of the posters surveyed a number of us and came up with a list of symptoms that we had. Some are pretty common, some are not so common. But they all came from Eagles. It may not hurt to get that list and copy it, so you can show a doctor how varied the symptoms can be.

Thanks Heidemt. These are all surgeons and no one is perfect. My list is not a bible. We need to do our own research. I have not put my ENT on the list but I am really feeling great(Eagles wise) and wondering if I should at least list him as a start for a diagnosis. I haven't listed him because I was his second surgery. I do not know the first. However, he had Eagles and understands a little of our pain. He is not familiar with all the symptoms and will not attempt an external or do a second surgery. I do like his honesty, but I haven't listed him because of his true reluctance to do surgery. Perhaps his reluctance is a good sign.