Possible ES diagnosis

Thanks for the warm welcome! Brand new here.

I have had a cough on and off for 14 months. Before that, when I would get a cough it would last 3-6 months before I could shake it. MRIs CTs xrays show nothing except longer than normal styloid processes. I feel like I have eczema or a dry patch in the back left of my mouth near the opening of my throat. When I push back there I feel something hard. The other symptom I have is skin sloughing or the feeling of skin sloughing in the mouth. It’s a gritty feeling, like the back of my throat is disintegrating. I don’t have real pain, just constant coughing/throat clearing, especially in the evenings. Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone? Especially wondering about the gritty feeling in my mouth.

In the Newbies Guide Section there’s a link to a survey done a while back into what symptoms people have with ES- there can be some weird ones! Not sure about whether anyone’s said about a gritty feeling, but Burning Mouth Syndrome has affected quite a few members, & either dry mouth or hypersalivation depending which nerves are affected, so maybe it’s a nerve being affected?
Having a cough does seem to be a more common symptom. You can search the forums to see if there’s been previous discussions about that.
Unfortunately no-one can say with symptoms whether they’re definitely ES or not; often surgery is the only way to see what improves!

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